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Thread: Survivor: Gabon, 10/23 recap: Unstable Vs. Unwise

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    Survivor: Gabon, 10/23 recap: Unstable Vs. Unwise

    Last week Fang finally booted out the useless, whiny, wanna-go-home quitter G.C. This despite the fact that they discovered (by going through her bag) that Sugar had the immunity idol. Will Fang do anything sensible or victorious at all this week, or will they continue their slow, cursed, downward spiral?

    Deal With the Devil

    We come back to Fang that night after tribal. For some reason they say the vote for GC was hard. Ace tells us he’s got Sugar in his pocket and he needs to somehow save himself till merge. But he doesn’t know who will be his potential Benedict Arnold.

    The next morning, Kelly whines that she’s tired. Everyone looks gloomy. Matty says he dreams about food, his dog and his girlfriend every night. He tells us Jamie, the girlfriend, is his driving force, so he’s trying to make himself some sort of talisman to remind himself of her. He’s on board with any plan that might work to keep himself in the game. For her, of course.

    Conveniently, there’s Ace. They talk in the woods, and say they both want to make it as far as possible. Ace would prefer not to be blindsided. He asks Matty how close he is with some of the others, who he wants to keep around. Matty for some reason wants to keep Kenny, so Ace says well, he wants to keep Sugar, they’ll work for those four till the merge. They shake hands. Ace swears on his mother’s life, Matty swears on his girl. Gee, I wonder who means it more?

    Matty tells us he and Ace are the top physical competitors, and he’s made a pact he can’t break. “I’m not going to break that promise for a million dollars. Not for five million dollars,” he says. Is that foreshadowing I smell?

    Binging and Purging

    Over at Kota, they’re eating well, and now that they’ve got spices and salt they’re eating quite a bit. Correction: DAN is eating quite a bit. The others are eating like normal people. Bob has noticed Dan is eating a lot of food – he and Susie are sharing a plate the size of what Dan is eating alone. Corrine has noticed as well. “So now we are going through food at an alarming rate,” she says, and Dan’s eating multiple servings.

    I guess that’s all they’ve got to bitch about, because we go back to Fang, where they’re evaluating their dwindling rice supply. Ken says they’ve got about six days worth of rice. “We’re at rock bottom,” he says. Why they aren’t fishing is beyond me. I mean, they CAN fish, they’ve got Randy’s eyeglasses hook or something, right?

    Ace comes to lie down with Sugar, and tells her everyone knows she has the idol and he thinks they went through her bag. He told her not to leave it there. She asks if she should give it to him, and if she doesn’t play it then he’ll have it later. He claims that’s not what he’s asking for. *coughliarcough* She tells us she gave it to Ace for safekeeping. “I’m really putting a lot of faith in Ace right now,” Sugar says. “He’s kind of a snake, but he’s my snake.” Well, then.

    Ace tells us he’s got Sugar and her idol, he’s got Matty’s word. And he probably had something egotistical to say about all this, but an elephant marches in behind him during his confessional. “This is amazing, I just turned around and there’s an elephant swimming through the water,” Ace says. Yes, we know. You see, Ace, you’re on VIDEO.

    Crystal Could Handle Losing Croissants. But the Loss of the Chocolate Éclair Pushed Her Over the Edge

    Off they troop to reward challenge, where Randy and Dan are glad to see GC is gone. Jeff says they’ll be tethered to a 20-foot long, 200-pound snake. They’ll race in a circle, trying to catch the other team. Those who tire out can disconnect, but the rest will have to pick up the slack. First to catch the other tribe wins croissants, fruit tarts, chocolate éclairs, coffee and tea.

    They trot off. Jeff claims the challenge will be run by the tribe that wants it the most. But Kelly’s in front for Fang and Jeff points out she’s barely moving. Ace says if you’re going to drop, drop. Ken stumbles. Ace and Matty yell at the others to move, while Jeff says Fang is fading. Sugar and Kenny drop out, and Fang speeds up. Matty tells Kelly to get out of the way, leaving only Ace, Matty and Cyrstal to do it. Susie drops out. Crystal, the Olympic runner, drags. Matty begs them to go faster. Now it’s just Matty and Ace, who are struggling, especially since Ace’s pants are falling down. Marcus tags Ace and Kota wins.

    Jeff presents Kota with their reward, which they begin to eat right there in front of poor starving Fang. Crystal starts to cry. She says losing hurts. Randy says “Wah, wah wah,” and Crystal shoots him a death glare. Oh, and they send Sugar back to exile.

    Randy says “I absolutely love watching them lose.” Crystal says Randy is “a troll under the bridge who’s just mean and angry with the world… do not disrespect me like that.” She thinks old Fang and new Fang won’t get along.

    Where’s Your Ration Stamp, Dan?

    Kota marches back to camp with their booty. And then they have some confessionals raving about how great they are. Until Marcus asks about splitting up the food equally. Dan says they can trade things they don’t like, right? Corrine says they wouldn’t have rationing laws if it weren’t for Dan.

    Randy says Dan has annoyed everyone, even him. He thinks it’s time to slowly distance himself from Dan and closer to the original Kota. Dan whines something about not having enough food and Randy says it’s a reward, there’s no rationing. Yeah, right. He just wants Dan to gobble, gobble gobble.

    Off at Exile, Sugar is now over being there. She is crying, not because she’s isolated in the jungle but because she feels guilty because she has food and her tribe-mates are starving and fighting like rats over a few grains of rice.

    These Are Tears of Pure, Angry Adrenaline

    At Fang, Matty says they should get everything taken care of, fill canteens, etc, because tomorrow will be hot. Crystal says she doesn’t know why he’s stressing, and Kelly says she’s “withering away.” She thinks the personalities on the tribe suck. For some reason, she and Ace go off together and bitch about how Crystal is crying and going the way of G.C. They think Crystal is weak.

    Back at camp, Crystal tells Matty not to view tears as a sign of weakness. She hopes people don’t put her in the same category as GC. She says she was in a funk, but she has snapped out of it, but that Kelly doesn’t have two words to say to her. She marches up behind Ace and Kelly, and Kelly is surprised. Crystal tells them, too, not to mistake tears as a sign of weakness. They all get depressed and hers comes out of her eyes. She says she’s still ready to fight.

    Kelly tells us she can explain it to Fang, but she can’t explain to Kota. Who cares what Kota thinks?

    At Kota, Randy and Marcus are trying to catch a poor, defenseless, enormous turtle. Eventually Bob hoists it into the canoe. “You know how to cook that, right?” someone asks. Susie thinks it’ll taste good, like “gumbo, turtle soup.” I wish they’d shown the efforts of cooking it, but no, they just flash to the eating of it and the raving about it.

    Ace Can’t Hoist His Flagpole. (There’s a Pill For That.)

    Fine. We’ll just go to immunity challenge then. I personally hope Crystal gives Randy a beat down.

    Sadly, it’s not that kind of challenge. Each tribe will divide into pairs, tied together by a rope. Then they’ll run into the jungle, get part of a flag pole, and there are obstacles. Susie sits it out.

    Poor Sugar is tied to Kelly. They’re up against Bob and Randy. The girls have a lead as they come to untie ropes to get their flagpole, but the men get theirs first. The girls slow down at some point, and Jeff yells at them. Charlie and Corrine run out while Jeff yells that Kelly is dragging. Ace and Crystal head out. Corrine and Charlie have a lead. Both of the last pairs are out there. It’s pretty close now. Matty and Ken take a lead, a small one. It’s neck and neck crawling through the last challenge. But Kota is faster untying the poles, and at Fang, Ace won’t let the others help much. The others mostly watch while he fails. So Kota wins immunity. Again. Yawn.

    “If you continue to play like individuals, you’ll be there every time,” Jeff warns Fang. Crystal tells us Ace is a strong competitor, or is seen as such, but they haven’t won anything since he’s joined them.

    Fang goes back to camp. Ace tells us a couple of people died at the end, he was expecting more from Kelly and she petered out. He thinks she’s going home tonight, it would be stupid not to send her. He talks to Matty, who wants to flush out the idol on Sugar. Ace talks him out of it, saying he doesn’t have to worry about it yet. He doesn’t tell Matty he’s holding the idol.

    Crystal is thinking of blindsiding Sugar. But Matty tells her no. Then she wants Ace out. Matty says no to that too. She tells us Matty is running to tell Ace everything and Ace isn’t telling Matty anything. She thinks she, Matty and Kenny have to be wary of Ace and Sugar’s alliance. So she talks to Kenny, telling him how everyone’s going to vote out Kelly. Ken doesn’t trust Ace, and he goes to talk to Matty and tells him Crystal doesn’t trust Matty now either. Matty tells him he can’t blindside Ace because he made a promise, unbreakable. But Kenny doesn’t trust Ace at all. So he goes to Sugar. She reveals she gave Ace the idol, which surprises Kenny. “Are you crazy?” he asks her.

    She tells Ace she took the idol back. Ace tells us Sugar may think she’s used him to the extent that she can. He’s still not particularly worried.

    Kelly Probably Thought “Unstable” Meant Something, Like, Totally Different

    Jeff says they’ve won 2 out of 10 challenges, and asks Matty about the tribe mood. “We’re cursed,” Matty says.

    Kelly’s take is that they just can’t work as a team. Jeff says what he saw today was a group of people working as individuals. Crystal says when it came to putting the flag together, Ace wanted to be the one who wanted to do it. Ace agrees they weren’t effective.

    Crystal says it would be fair to vote for Ace on that alone. Jeff says Crystal has cried a lot. She says sure, some tribe mates take it as weakness. Kelly nods. She says it’s not that she’s saying Crystal is weak. No, it’s that Crystal’s “just not stable.” Oh, snap.

    Crystal says she’s crying because they have no food, they’re not winning, etc. “If you don’t understand that, you won’t last too much longer in this tribe yourself,” she tells Kelly. “I’m not crying over no daggone danishes. It gets frustrating, Kelly, it really does. You don’t understand because you came from a winning situation.”

    Kelly says Ace said something about it too, and he says whoa, “let’s not throw people under the bus.” He says he understood where Crystal was coming from. Kelly rolls her eyes.

    “He’s 100 percent double-talking,” she says. Ace says she only thinks that because she doesn’t understand what he’s saying half the time. Ooooh, burn.

    Matty says there’s no logic in this tribe, so everyone has to be worried. But really he means “just Kelly.” Kelly votes for Crystal, and everyone else votes for Kelly – including Crystal, who makes a comment as she votes that seems to suggest she was on the fence until Kelly called her unstable. Which is understandable.

    Anyway, haha, the useless nitwit is gone. Ace laughs. Jeff says this is the first time he saw some true passion.

    Kelly says afterwards that Crystal doesn’t have the power to push a team when she quits. She thinks the tribe is cursed and will go down.

    Next time:

    Both tribes will vote someone out, and everyone seems to be a target, with talks of blindsides.
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    Re: Survivor: Gabon, 10/23 recap: Unstable Vs. Unwise

    thank you. i wasn't able to watch this past week, your update has caught me up nicely. much obliged.

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