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Thread: Survivor Gabon Roundtable Week 4: Quitters Never Prosper

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    Survivor Gabon Roundtable Week 4: Quitters Never Prosper

    Every week, our panel of Survivor analysts will gather to discuss the goings-on in Gabon. Who's dealing? Who's reeling? What does our panel think of these weighty questions? Read on to find out.

    1. Did Sugar reveal to the rest of the Fang tribe that she already had the idol when she said that she had been staying at the “Sugar Shack”? Was that a dumb move, or would people think that she’s given up trying or just being lazy?

    canuckinchile: Yes, Sugar revealed to the rest that she had already found the idol. In fact, I yelled it at the screen. I really can't find any reason that doesn't make it a dumb move. Why would she blurt that out?

    Dagwood: I don't think she did. Remember, only one other person has been to Exile so would know that you can either search or have comfort. I don't remember either Dan or her telling the others about the choice.

    waywyrd: I think she gave it away with that comment, but for the life of me I can't figure out why she would out herself like that. Either she's really smart and has a plan that I can't see, or she's incredibly dumb and she's nothing but Ace's little blonde puppet.

    MsFroggy: Waywyrd, I think she's just incredibly dumb. It seemed to me she just threw out that remark without even thinking about it. It's the kind of thing that should get her eliminated soon. I'm thinking the next time her tribe loses at immunity.

    LG: I read or heard somewhere that in an effort to convince everyone that he didn’t have the idol, Dan told Fang all about the choice, and then he emptied out his bag onto the ground and begged everyone to search it and verify that he didn’t have the idol so he wouldn’t be booted by them in an effort to smoke out the hidden immunity idol. If that is the case and all the old Fang members know that Exile Island includes a choice, then she totally outted herself completely unnecessarily. Of course being happy to be picked for Exile for the 3rd consecutive time would have also been a giveaway for anyone who had learned about the choice between clue and comfort.

    iguanachocolate: He did that at a tribal council, LG. And I agree it seems stupid to almost flaunt the fact you have the idol by being excited about going to Exile. Then again, she probably does believe that people have gone through her stuff and found it anyway. Which of course begs the question, why didn't she hide it?

    Mariner: Dan had already told everyone at camp about the clue/comfort choice and then did empty out his bag. Sugar really, really should have tried to sound pathetic and not tell anyone she has the idol. I think she blew it both by telling them about the Sugar Shack and not taking her bag with her.

    2. Who is Dan trying the hardest to convince that he loves the new Kota – his tribemates, or himself? Is he convincing anyone?

    canuckinchile: Dan is trying to ingratiate himself with his new tribe and failing miserably. Marcus is suspicious of his motives and his whole "evil alliance" speech didn't seem to go over too well.

    Dagwood: Both. His tribemates so they won't vote him off and himself to be believable. I don't think he is being convincing.

    waywyrd: I'll say both, too. Dan is trying way too hard, and the others aren't buying it. Turn it down a few notches, Dan.

    MsFroggy: Waywyrd, stop stealing my answers before I can think of them! I agree that it's a case of both and nobody is buying his new-found affection for Kota.

    LG: I think that Dan is just a really frustrated people-pleaser out there. Somebody please like me, very Sally Field. I’m not sure if it’s coming off as more fake or pathetic. Somebody like me and keep me around, I’ll be super good, I promise. Please!

    iguanachocolate: I think he does like the new Kota - he's also going on the offensive because he knows that old Fang members may very well be picked off. He should have taken Randy's approach of more actions and hold your tongue.

    Mariner: I agree that he was trying to do both. What he really did was bring attention to himself and a big old target on his back.

    3. Is Susie worsening her position at Kota by not being more outgoing, or was she already at the bottom of the stack?

    canuckinchile: I think the writing is on the wall for Susie and she won't last too long. The only thing that may save her is the fact that she may be a good person to drag to the final two. She doesn't do well at challenges but at least she helps around the camp.

    Dagwood: I think she is already at the bottom, not much worse she could do.

    waywyrd: Eh, she's at the bottom of the pile anyway. Unless she morphs into Superwoman I don't see much she can do to help her status, besides hope that someone else screws up in a major way.

    MsFroggy: There's playing under the radar and then there's Susie. I'm not even sure she's good enough to take to F2. After all you still have to do something to get there and so far she hasn't been of any use.

    LG: I think laying low and being quiet is Susie’s best move at this point in the hopes that someone else annoys the tribe enough to warrant an earlier boot. She’s adopted Randy’s strategy of hoping others screw up more, and it’s working so far, especially because she’s on a very strong tribe.

    iguanachocolate: Laying low is definitely her best option at this point.

    Mariner: It would be hard to worsen her position. Girl is in a world of hurt. She just needs to keep being helpful and hope Kota doesn't lose.

    4. Was it a better strategy to launch heavier fruit to try to increase the total weight, with a chance that it would be hit, or to launch two smaller fruits at the same time, rather certain that one would get through?

    canuckinchile: Well, since Kota won with the strategy of lobbing the heavier fruit I'll go with that one. Although, it was very, very close. I think you would have to see how good the defender was at batting down fruit and adjust your strategy from there. Ace had good aim with his club so throwing two fruits was not a bad idea. Also, throwing high seemed to be a key.

    Dagwood: I think the two fruits would have been a better strategy. I think it was a dumb idea for a challenge anyway so I didn't pay much attention.

    waywyrd: I don't know if aiming two smaller fruits would be easy, and Kota won with the heavy stuff, so...I'll say throwing the heavy fruit was best.

    MsFroggy: I'm of the large fruit thrown high school. Perhaps one large fruit immediately followed by one small distracting fruit. And perhaps I'm of the large fruit in conjunction with small fruit school after all.

    LG: The strategy I would have liked to have seen was the “toss one heavy piece really high while also drilling Ace with a smaller piece to distract him and amuse us” move, but perhaps aiming directly at the defenders was against the rules.

    iguanachocolate: The two piece distraction techinque worked for Kota, so it is a bit hard to find fault in it. Fang should have had the presence of mind to try that as well, and then they may have won.

    Mariner: I agree with the idea of one heavy fruit thrown high and one smaller piece thrown low.

    5. Ace got on ouchie on his face from both fruit and the shield he was holding during tonight’s two challenges. What else would you like to see Ace hit his head against in upcoming challenges?

    canuckinchile: Well, since Ace is so full of himself I would like to see him get hit smack in the face with some game play by Sugar. My dream is that she is going to set him up for a fall but I know it's not going to happen. A girl can dream.

    Dagwood: I like your answer, canuck. While we wait for it he should pull a Randy and get a "little" scratch. Maybe the angry elephant would be good, too.

    waywyrd: Aw, now. As one of Ace's three remaining fans, I can't wish bad things upon his pointy little head. Though if a razor were to drop from the sky and bop him in the head, he sure could use it...

    MsFroggy: I would like to say that I do not advocate violence. However, if an elephant whacked him in the head with it's trunk thereby shaking him out of his inexplicable Sugar obsession, I would file that under life saving mental rehabilitation and be okay with that.

    LG: I think they should bring back Gillian just to demonstrate one more marvelous use of elephant dung – as a projectile to bonk Ace on the head. Then she could sift through it for something to eat, or moisturize, or whatever else she wanted to do with poop.

    iguanachocolate: I want Jeff to smack him on his rump as he walks the walk to Loser's Lodge.....

    Mariner: I'm for all of the foregoing.

    6. Who screwed up more during the immunity challenge, Ace for listening to Randy when he told Ace to “freeze” or Sugar for not saying anything to contradict Randy and encourage Ace to keep going? Or the whole team for picking Sugar to be the caller when she’s clearly not great at thinking?

    canuckinchile: Well, theoretically Ace could have thought it was one of the male members on his team trying to help out the inept Sugar. Sugar was so bad I have to wonder if she was horrible on purpose, but I can't figure out any reason why she would benefit from throwing the challenge. I think I'm going to go with c) the team for picking her. Why would they do that? I don't care if she is best friends with Ace.

    Dagwood: It's a toss up between Sugar and the team for letting her be the caller. She has the edge, though. She just got this look on her face like "what can I do" when it happened. How about tell him to move, idjit.

    waywyrd: Sugar, with her team not far behind. She blew it. Come on girl, you didn't even try. I can't fault Ace too much for listening to Randy (priceless, by the way) - the poor guy had no clue what was going on and just heard his name hollered out. He didn't have time to register what was going on.

    MsFroggy: It's hard to say which one of them was the bigger lump. Maybe Sugar was sending out telepathic instructions to her game soul mate, Ace, who was perhaps not only blinded by that blindfold but also deafened. Now, Randy, he's a genius!

    LG: I agree this was Sugar’s screw up. She totally had a “hey, that’s not fair” look on her face when Randy confused Ace, but did absolutely nothing to fix it. Fang didn’t make a bad move in pairing those two up because their success was clearly within their control. It would have been interesting to see if they would have targeted Sugar and blamed their performance on the challenge if GC hadn’t committed contestant suicide this same week.

    iguanachocolate: Definitely Sugar's screw up. If your blindfolded and someone yells stop, you're going to do it - fear of imminent danger and all that. Sugar should have opened her mouth and used it for more than lip pouting and fruit eating.

    Mariner: I put most of the blame on Sugar. Maybe she forgot how to talk after all that time alone in exile? She should have been yelling her head off for Ace to move.

    7. Does GC replace Osten in the Surivor Hall of Fame of Quitters, or was GC justified in his . . . oh why bother writing the rest of a question. It’s hard, so I’ll just quit. Roundtable, discuss what a waste of a space on the show both of those guys were.

    canuckinchile: How can I choose? I remember being disgusted with Osten, but that was a while ago and my memory is short GC has not even tried in the challenges right from the start. He's belligerent and immature. Maybe he's a nice guy at home but he did poorly from day one. I don't know why he thought he could hack it out there. I'm trying to give him a bit of credit for not out and out quitting but he is just so annoying.

    Dagwood: They both sucked. GC taking breaks in the middle of the challenges was just insane. So, he missed his family. So does everyone else out there. You signed up for Survivor, suck it up and play the game. Osten was beyond a waste of space. At least GC let them vote him out and didn't outright quit.

    waywyrd: I hate a quitter, and GC was never very likeable in my opinion. You didn't sign up for a trip to Club Med, doofus. Thanks for wasting a spot that someone else would have loved to fill!

    MsFroggy: What? Sue Hawk still gets no quitter love? Osten still wins the pathetic whiner and useless driftwood lottery but GC wins second place. At least he summoned enough energy once to make a 5 minute speech about why he can't be bothered to be responsible for anything.

    LG: I think CG may have just overtaken Osten in the worthless player hall of fame if only for his insistence on eating up every bite of food and then deciding he wanted to quit. Classy.

    iguanachocolate: Definitely Osten still wears the crown of the King of the Losers, but GC definitely ranks above Sue Hawk.

    Mariner: I agree that Osten still wins. GC is a close second with Sue Hawk firmly in third place.

    8. Did it seem like Jeff was actually trying to help Sugar with his questions at Tribal Council asking if she leaves her bag out where others can go through it, or was he just trying to get Crystal’s reaction?

    canuckinchile: Well, I've read that those tribal councils go on for a long time, hours sometimes. So I think Jeff is constantly throwing out questions to get a reaction. He knows full well that it is was likely her bag was going to be searched. I don't know if he sees the footage or not before tribal, so he may not have being trying to get Crystal's reaction but was probably trying to get any reaction at all.

    Dagwood: I don't think he was trying to lead Sugar. I think he was just going for reaction.

    waywyrd: Jeff was just stirring the pot. He doesn't seem to have much love for the Fang tribe, anyway.

    MsFroggy: Hah! That's exactly what hubby was asking! That whole Tribal Council should be renamed "A Chance For Jeff To Out Your Alliance and Screw Up Your Strategy Meeting".

    LG: Exactly. Thinking that you can just lay low and skate through Tribal Council, and it only gets worse after the jury is there watching you get called for your maneuvers week after week.

    iguanachocolate: Definitely Jeff stirring the pot - and maybe, just maybe trying to get Sugar to actually play the game instead of reacting to it and letting Ace lead her around by her sugars.

    Mariner: I agree that Jeff was trying to stir things up. Fang needs some definite poking to wake up and play the game.

    9. Who is most vulnerable next week on Fang? And on Kota (if we’ll ever see them lose prior to the merge)?

    canuckinchile: Fang: If they don't try to get Sugar out I'm totally giving up on this tribe. They should get enough of them together and vote Sugar with Ace having enough votes to get thrown out if she pulls out the idol. Kota: I think Dan or Susie are next to go.

    Dagwood: Fang: Ace or Sugar. Kota: what does it matter? They won't go to TC anyway.

    waywyrd: It'll be Sugar or Kelly for Fang, they can't afford to dump Ace quite yet. If Kota ever does go to Tribal, I see Susie getting her torch snuffed.

    MsFroggy: On Fang, if Sugar isn't next on their radar, they all have rocks for brains. Kota better think of kicking out Susan before she somehow festers into a full Sandra of Pearl Island, one of those players who never did anything and still won.

    LG: Fang should target Sugar, possibly with Ace as a backup in case the not too mysterious immunity idol is used just to break up that two person block. On Kota, I would guess that Susie is out of there until Randy walks into another tree.

    iguanachocolate: Sugar and Ace should be the most vulnerable - actually it would not surprise me if Ace gets the idol away from Sugar knowing she was going to be voted out because of it. Then he has the idol and she is gone.

    Mariner: On Fang, whomever Sugar and Ace target. The idol is going to be someone's undoing. On Kota it's Susie with Dan a close second.
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    Re: Survivor Gabon Roundtable Week 4: Quitters Never Prosper

    Agree with all of the above, except the slap at Sandra---she was a much more active player--eavesdropping, strategizing, etc., than Susie is being. I like Susie, but she isn't really doing anything active to save herself except working around camp and going along with whoever approaches her--but she's not doing any approaching. In my memory Sandra did do that.

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    Re: Survivor Gabon Roundtable Week 4: Quitters Never Prosper

    LG: The strategy I would have liked to have seen was the “toss one heavy piece really high while also drilling Ace with a smaller piece to distract him and amuse us” move, but perhaps aiming directly at the defenders was against the rules.
    But Jeff, I slipped! Honest!

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    Re: Survivor Gabon Roundtable Week 4: Quitters Never Prosper

    Overall, I think this is a great discussion on events in "Survivor: Gabon." That said, I do have one minor quibble regarding quitters in the series.

    I agree both GC and Osten were lazy and whiny and am disappointed they took spots that should've gone to players who wanted to play. (Personally, when Osten - who looked very strong - just said I quit, I think Jeff wanted to so break his torch, but couldn't).

    And, if Sue is considered a quitter, we also have to include Kathy, Jenna and Jonny Fairplay into this too - all three also quit, and because of mental capabilities or a feeling their mom was not well (which we found out happened in Jenna's case). That said, both they and Sue at least tried to play and work to succeed.

    As far as Sue Hawk's departure ... I really think that she was just disgusted about what happened to her in that one event where Rick rubbed against her nude. Personally - I'd wanted him thrown out for it because I'd read it as sexual harrassment. I presume, given they mentioned that there were condoms in the first aid kit, that sex is not against the rules of the game, but I would hope sexual harrassment is because it is technically a job given your there for days and not a one time appearance.

    Regardless, I didn't ask to be rubbed up against with the fellow in the buff, but it was given to me - and same held true there for Sue, regardless if she chuckled about it at the time. She probably wanted him thrown out because of it, then when he wasn't, she probably questioned what she was doing there, if she wanted to keep dealing with reality tv, and just up and left.

    And, Sue, Fairplay and Jenna at least in their first goes went far (Jenna won) and played the game they way it was to be played. Osten, GC and Kathy gave up because it was simply "Too Hard" for them. That said, I agree with post in that Kathy probably should've never been cast to begin with. She seemed not mentally ready for the game and what it'd entail, and given stories I read about other players in other seasons waking up thinking they were still out in the game, I can understand his concern.

    Now, I'll never be able to play probably because I have asthma and I'd be a bit of a liability, but if I had the chance, I'd go as far as I could - even if I was the first out. So yeah, I'd say at least with GC and Osten - both healthy and strong people, quitting because it's too hard reeks of laziness.
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