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Thread: Next Survivor Location?

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    Originally posted by DamonVictor
    Some survivor Ideas

    Survivor- Area 51
    Survivor- Carrabiean
    How did you get that cute puppy on here?

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    Lil_Cutie said if they go to Mexico:
    they will have hit all the continents
    They haven't been to Europe yet. But there aren't many places they could go in Europe. I guess they'll have to give that continent a miss.

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    You've been suckered.

    I think you all are suckers. Think about it. Why the heck would they have a LOGO that large on a truck? These people are smart. They are not going to advertise. We havent heard of this instance before. so why now? And ALASKA? give me a break. You've all been suckered.

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    In order to be "suckered," I think we'd all have to have said something like, "Wow, Alaska! That's going to be great! I'll set my VCR right now!" We didn't do that, did we?
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