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Thread: Who is next to go?

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    I woud say Matt is still at the head of the boot list, unless he can claim immunity again.
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    I'm thinking immunity again by him. That's why I don't think Matt's the next to go.

    He's a great challenger during IC.
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    hello??? is there any christy or butch in this game as to date...hehehe...

    Matt will still be the target but since he will win ic again...then the "players" will again play as if they are the only one remaining...

    bet it will be alex or rob

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    I think that alex is going to go next or maybe christy. I think matt is going to be in it for awhile yet.

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    matt next, right?

    unless he gets immunity, how can it not be Matt? nobody but rob really has to betray an alliance to get rid of him AND he's a definite challenge physically. why would anyone keep him around when christy and butch are hardly threatening in the alliance scheme right now. well, unless Rob decides to jump ship and eliminate alex, heidi or jenna. but that i doubt.
    i'm just hoping that matt gets immunity every time.

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    I think Rob wants to get rid of Alex because he is hoping to have the girls alone.

    Only chance Rob has to winning this game (And he knows it) Is if he boots Alex next.

    If Alex wins the IC (I hope not) Then it will be Matt.

    Alex knows that Matt is his most competition in the strength department.

    I just hope that Rob don't play this next move stupid. If he does then the game will go to Alex and I don't like him.

    By the way great site you guys got here. =)

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    Thanks, MK, and welcome!

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    Great analysis, MK. I agree on all points. Rob must eliminate Alex immediately if he hopes to win (and I think he does). An Alex victory would annoy me. It would be nice to see Mateo go on an Immunity run, but I don't see it. Here's hoping Rob continues to shake up the game and takes out Alex Thursday night.

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    Survive THIS!

    I am in Survivor Withdrawal right now. It hasn't even been two weeks and I have to try and remember what it's all about.

    Please don't let me get annoyed with that stupid Rob again. He makes me lose control and then I can't enjoy the rest of the show.

    Please don't let me get annoyed with that stupid Heidi again. She makes me lose control and then I can't enjoy the rest of the show.

    OK, trying to regain control here. Matt has to win the IC, Alex has to be the next to go. For that to happen Rob has to be convinced to vote along with the people that could form an alliance but haven't done so yet -- Christy, Butch and Matt.

    If, and only IF all of these things happen, then this season's Survivor might have a happy ending for me. And that's only if Mateo wins, not those other numbskulls.

    If you all sense that I am slightly disturbed at this moment, you would be correct.

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    The threats imho are:
    Jenna-Heidi alliance
    Rob's schemes

    I'm just happy that it looks like there will be no Pagonging in the Amazon.
    And I'd like Survivor to have a happy ending for CaliGirl.
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