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Thread: Deena Voted Out

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    I think you two are right, but I also wonder about it a little because they really didn't know when the real merge would occur. They only had a short time together, and I don't think it was unreasonable to expect that it should have been longer before the merge.

    Dave was just not playing the game the all the time. He was too busy believing all of his Men of Honor BS
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    Certainly, the uncertainty of the merge time would have been a consideration, Bill. But he should have recognized that he'd wield more power over someone who thinks they're vulnerable than someone who thinks they've got a fully-formed alliance waiting on the other side, whenever that is.

    Heck, once he got Heidi's OK, he could have gone to Jeanne and informed her that Heidi sold her out. All right, that might have been going too far, from a strategic point of view. But it would've been fun to watch.
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