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Thread: Who do you want to win this season?

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    Maybe Matthew is so ahead of the game he's even ahead of Mark Burnett...Maybe the twist this season is that the final votes are not cast in the Amazon, but at the final show (on the CBS stage "tribal council" set) after the jury has actually watched the show. That would make it interesting! Yeah, Mark Burnett should do that!
    That would be a GREAT idea! Way to go Spegs! LOL! Then what you say could really come back to haunt you.

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    I wish I were the kind of person who could say Butch should win because he knows that being a good role model is worth more than a million dollars, but I am what I am so hereís my order of preference:

    Matt: I love that he gave Daniel a pep talk. I love that he spoke to Daniel in Chinese. I love that he seems kind. I love that he is physically strong and hard working. I love that he ate fish eyeballs without batting an eyelid and breezed through the GFC. I love that he messes with everyoneís mind by sharpening his machete. I love that he and Butch are friends. I didnít much care for the scene when he was trying to get into a three-some with Shawna and Alex Ė although I canít help but believe that Shawna had to have invited him to do that. I believe he is savvy and playing the game hard because of something he said to Daniel Ė I donít have the episode on tape anymore, but it sounded like he was thinking strategy.

    Rob: I canít believe Iím actually going to admit that Rob is my 2nd choice for winner! But he deserves to win. He is the man with the plan. He limits his bragging to the confessionals and seems to be generally well liked. I donít like the way he talks to and about Matt, but I wonít get mad if he wins.

    Alex: Heís strong and hard working. Heís playing the game hard. I liked how he wasted no time getting Deena booted off once he heard of her plans. He lost me during the Shawna episode. But he deserves a lot of credit for his recovery. Itís not easy to get back in the game after you realize that you were the only member of your tribe who was left out of the loop at TC. Other contestants in the same circumstances have sulked, given up or sworn revenge.

    Jenna: Aaargh Ė I hate myself for even thinking of her in a ďwho do you want to winĒ thread. But. She seems to be playing the game well. She has a strategy, is flying under the radar and hasnít allowed her hormones to take charge. I think she is manipulating rather than being manipulated. I donít like her treatment of Christie. I donít like her as a person. But if she wins, she will have earned it.

    Butch: I like him as a person. He works hard. I think he has what it takes to outwit the Narcissistic Four, but he just doesnít seem to be interested in playing the game. I think he has already achieved what he set out to do: be a great role model. He seems satisfied with getting as far in the game as the others will let him, and thatís all.

    Christie: I really like her. She has a lot of spunk and determination. I havenít seen her give up once. I hope she gets back in the game, but I donít think she will.

    Heidi: Iím not even going to get into all the reasons why I donít like her. The only glimmer of game-play she displayed was when she realized it was not a good idea to have Roger on the jury. Oh, alright, Iíll give her a couple of points for her loyalty to Jenna.

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    I want Alex to win, just to spoil all the spoilers. And Christy, just to surprise everyone who thinks she'll never get past the merge.

    I believe Alex is playing the game. SOme say he's there for the exposure. But I think he's playing the game, as best he could. Christy. I have yet to see her figure in an alliance that will keep her in the game longer, as long as she reaches final 4/3.

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    I would love to have Christy as the ultimate survivor, but I'm also fine with Matt, Butch or Alex winning it this season.

    They are deserving of the ultimate survivor.

    It would really sucked if one of the "cute girls" won this season.

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    matt and not the emmaciettes

    i hope matt wins. i think he deserves it more than anyone of those who are left, except possibly christy. what if he pulls a colby and wins every reward challenge long enough to outlast the cast of four losers? christy is my 2nd choice. anything but heidi and jenna, really. i thought i liked alex for 10 seconds there, but his alliance of four-thing and cafe partner choice did him in for me.

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    From the view of strategy and overall gameplay, I'd have to say that Rob is the most deserving. But it is just too bad that any likable trait about him is blocked by his irritating comments about his...err...desires. The same goes to Jenna too, she is one of the more 'strategic' (if you disagree, just compare her to Heidi) players around, but she is just too annoying to be considered as a favorite.

    I don't think Alex nor Heidi deserves the money, and god knows what they will do with the money when they have it. Heidi will probably spend it on more manmade body parts. And even though I like Butch, I don't think he deserves to win, since he did absolutely nothing to earn it.

    So I'm rooting for Matthew and Christy to win it...yeah, that's a long stretch.

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    I agree re Rob.
    He does seem to be thinking on his feet and looks to be a better tactician than the rest of them.

    It is a stretch for Matt or Christy, but you never know.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    when i read matthew's bio on the cbs page. i thought to myself, this is an interesting person to have in the game. he stands out from the rest. i'll admit that he is a little scary to watch with that sallow face and sunken eyes. but hey he was a skinny to begin with. i think he has a very good chance of winning this thing. if he can continue with this "act". i hope it's an act.

    i would love to see christy in the final two. it makes me angry to see how she's been excluded from the group especially mistreated by the twinkie twins. the letter auction was the final straw. i hope those little hookers are the next to go.

    go christy go!
    If nothing else, there's applause.....like waves of love pouring over the footlights. - All about Eve

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    Rundown of what I think of the remaining Survivors:

    Matthew: He doesn't know how to pay the game. That said, he brings food, so he got to the Final Seven. Then, Rob needed him, so he's going further. If he wins, I will be disappointed, but will be able to respect that someone with survival skills won.

    Butch: The epitomal prison Butch (haha, I made a pun). The man has no brain of his own. If this man wins, I will probably break bones in my hand punching through my television.

    Christy: She knows how to play the game. Unfortunately, the "High School" mentality of many of the survivors has made her ability to join an alliance almost zero. To this end, she's done well to not do well at the challenges and to work hard trying to be "brought along for the ride" as far as she can. Now, she has a F4 alliance. I applaud her, and would not mind seeing her win.

    Rob: Wow. He knows this game well. Thanks you God that there is a contestant this season who can: (1) get in alliances or form them himself, (2) Realize when he will become disposible (3) have the nerve to ditch that alliance and actually try to WIN the GAME. I very much hope he wins.

    Skeleton 1 and Skeleton 2: I refuse to say their names in a "Who do [you] want to win this season?" thread. That said, I can't wait to hear them whine, cry, moan, groan, and all around pity themselves next week. It will be SO satisfying.

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    I'd like to see Matthew, Butch or Christy win
    in that order.

    I would hate to see Heidi or Rob win.

    Jenna I'm on the fence with.

    I wouldn't want her to win but, if it ended up being between her and Rob- Heidi then I'd rather see her get it.

    Who I think will be in the final 4:

    Rob - Jenna - Heidi - Matthew

    Final 2

    Matthew & Rob

    with Matthew winning the mil.

    All wishful thinking of course.

    I also began to like Dave and wish he was still on. I liked Alex for awhile to. I was surprised he got the boot.

    And finally, I have thought for a long time now Matt has been playing dumb. I really believe that.

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