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Thread: Standing in the Shadows : A collaboration - Week 9

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    okay that was one of the best ones yet!
    loved ALL about Heidi. Too funny!
    Good job you guys

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    FORT Fogey
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    Some of these people will need a fat farm once we get out of here, including that smart-alek Jeff, who was so flirting with me with his little tease about my intelligence, I hope Dave didnít get jealous.
    LOL, I'm sure Dave wasn't too jealous hahaha!

    At TC, we showed Deena what happens to those that betray the beautiful people plus Rob.
    Rob is anything but beautiful haha!

    I really wanted immunity just to get it but those bugs just wouldn't go down, protein ha! There was no way they were going to stay down, I wretched and wretched, then I saw that Matt was going to probably win and I wretched even more because he just creeps me out! Always sharpening his machete and looking at us! I bet he wonders what we taste like!
    Who knows, Matt really is creepy!

    Talking to Matt makes me feel superior, not at all like talking to Dave, who I really want to be. Oh, back to Matt, I have him by the balls, and unfortunately I like it that way.
    LOL, Rob might die of happiness if he could be Dave for a day! LMAO, he's got Matt by the balls...and he likes it that way? Haha!

    I'll be on the jury so I'll get to interrogate the finalists during the finale. I'm on my way to a nice resort to spend three days with Dave before anyone else joins us with no camera crews in our faces. We'll see if its true what they say about putting lawyers and areospace engineers together - as there just may be fireworks, and, um, latin phrases.
    That is a disturbing thought! Yuck...lol!

    It would be really weird if the Survivors read what we had to say! I wouldn't mind if Dave read what I've said

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    I think it's highly likely that at least a couple of the contestants read the articles.

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    It ain't easy being green Wayner's Avatar
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    But being blue is more work.
    Outstanding job everyone!

    Damn, I miss Dave.

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