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Thread: Deena's chat

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    No kidding, spegs! Everybody says, "Oh, yeah, I knew it was coming." But I really doubt it. Even John in S4 said he knew, but it didn't seem that way.
    When you're ten years old and a car drives by and splashes a puddle of water all over you, it's hard to decide if you should go to school like that or try to go home and change and probably be late. So while he was trying to decide, I drove by and splashed him again. - Jack Handey

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    what ?

    what is room 442

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    After each member is voted off they have a "live chat". These chats take place in a numbered room.

    I've never been to one, but I think you get there from the main Survivor page.

    I'm pretty sure someone always puts a thread here telling us when the chat is.

    Deena's was on the 11th.
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    The chats are always on the day after the person is booted (Friday) at 2:30 EST. You get to it on the CBS Survivor main page, click "join the chat", choose a screen name and you are put into one of about 20 different "rooms" which all can submit questions to the Survivor and all see the survivors answers to the questions chosen. The Survivor cannot see the chat going on in the individual rooms.

    Whichever one of us gets there first usually posts here which "room" we are in. Unfortunately there are often hackers who somehow boot everyone out of their rooms and you have to scramble to get back in. So annoying. The chats are fun if you're in a room with intelligent people, but not if you're trapped with a bunch of idiots trying to have cyber-sex. That's why I always try to get other "FORTers" in the room with me.

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    Just in case you don't know folks, you can click the Survivor banner at the top of each page of this forum to forward you to the official site.
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    Deena Bennett's CBS Chat--April 11, 2003

    Q: Hey Deena! How is it going?
    Deena: It's going fabulous! I love NYC and I'm glad to have been able to come here.

    Q: Deena, you are a beautiful, smart player with a fabulous sense of humour. How do your kids feel about their mom being on the show?
    Deena: Thank you very much! My kids -- one doesn't care cuz he's too little to care, my four year old is incredibly proud of me because he goes around telling his friends "Hey, my mom is on Survivor!"

    Q: Deena, I think you played the game superbly well. As an attorney, you know that alliances come and go all the time. The others didn't know or chose not to remember that. Do you think there was anything you could have done to stay longer?
    Deena: Yes, what I should have done and what I clearly failed to do was go after the Butch and Mom non-alliance. They were just kind of these floaters out in the game and I did nothing to talk to them about their position. I knew it was a mistake at the time leading up to the immunity challenge but I just ran out of energy.

    Q: First, I'd like to congratulate you on making it into the jury. Now, I've got to ask...do you believe that had you not said anything about Alex until after Matt won immunity, you would have survived that tribal council?
    Deena: Absolutely not because I still needed Jenna and Heidi to vote with me and at this point in time I didn't have the support of Butch and Matt. As you can see, Alex was already trying to turn Jenna against me which was evident at the coffee house.

    Q: Deena, who do you feel betrayed you the most?
    Deena: Heidi but on the other hand Heidi knew that I had no intentions of keeping her into the final four so good move on her part. I don't think betrayal is a good word for the game of Survivor. To me, it's jockeying of positions and I was just outplayed.

    Q: Deena, are you amazed by Heidi's intelligence? hehe
    Deena: *laughs* What you don't know is that Heidi was very clever in disguising her manipulation. What you see is a cute girl, no brain activity but is she really just playing a part?

    Q: Deena, your smile and sense of humour were some of the sexiest features in the Amazon...so how do you feel about Jenna's and Heidi's views on physical beauty?
    Deena: I have to chalk it up to immaturity and lack of life experience. It is my personal opinion that neither of them meant to be as condescending as it sounded.

    Q: Deena, were you shocked at the comment that Jenna said "that fat pig"? I would have punched her later!!!
    Deena: *laughs* I'm a deputy DA so I'm not shocked at anything and truth is an absolute defense in a lible lawsuit. *laughs*

    Q: Deena, would you take off your clothes for peanut butter and chocolate?
    Deena: Not for a million dollars. *laughs*

    Q: Deena, French Valley...great town. Tell me how surprised you were to see how often Rob talked about controlling you?
    Deena: I wasn't shocked at anything by what Rob said or did. He is playing this game the way that it should be played: two-faced and ready to change teams at any time. I like him a lot.

    Q: Deena, do you think you got a little too full of yourself and missed the clues that you were getting voted out?
    Deena: When I sat down to Tribal Council I knew by that point that I would be voted out but absolutely, I was incredibly arrogant at times. Remember, pride cometh before a fall! But I make no apologies for my personality. Love me or leave me.

    Q: Deena, did any of the survivor use the "you don't need the money" card on you?
    Deena: No, I am a county employee and I do not make anything close to what a similar attorney in my position or profession would make. But interestingly enough, EVERYBODY (including me) played the "poor me" card. It's all part of the game.

    Q: Question about Rob backstabbing Deena?
    Deena: Rob and I had an agreement. he and I to the end... unless it come down to saving our own neck. And that worked both ways. I completely understand the fact that he had to cut me loose because we did not have enough votes for Alex. Kudos to Rob for playing the game instead of putting personal relationships in front.

    Q: Hey Deena...when Shawna was begging her tribemates to vote her off, you kept her in the game because you did not want her to spoil your plan... do you regret what you did?
    Deena: Absolutely not! I would do it again in a heartbeat and my theory on that point is this: she was physically and mentally ill but there is no way that I'm going to sacrifice my position in the game for somebody that I knew for six days. My family sacrificed seven weeks for me to be out in the jungle. My first and foremost priority was to play the game the best that I could. And see? Look how quickly she recovered anyway.

    Q: Deena, Christy seems to be an outsider to all the so called alliances going on, yet she's skating through the game unchallenged. What's your take on this?
    Deena: Christy is flying under the radar at this point in time and I think that's exactly what she needs to do. She clearly did not bond with Jenna or Heidi at Jaburu. She does not have any close personal bond with any of the power people so she's playing it well by keeping out of the limelight. But the dynamics of the game are continually changing and power will always continue to shift... especially when immunity is up for grabs.

    Q: How well do you and Christy get along? Learn any sign language?
    Deena: Christy and I got along fabulously. I dig on Christy. I learned in sign language "Deena is a dork" and "Christy is a tree lover". Perhaps the most important sign that I learned was "friends for life".

    Q: Deena, it seems to me someone who is playing low will win this thing seeing as the strong people are being voted off. Did you ever consider that strategy?
    Deena: *laughs* And ignore the fact that my personality won't let me fly under the radar?? No, I have to work within the realm of my personality so believe it or not, I toned it WAY down to play this game. In real life I am much more of a control freak and dictator but it's because I have to be in my profession and justice demands it.

    Q: Deena, did you really just plain dislike someone on the show?
    Deena: No, absolutely not. The reason is because even though you have disagreements (and goodness gracious I have them with my own husband everyday) you have to give people the benefit of the doubt. You're starving and thirsty and the environment just stinks so it's natural for people to be on edge.

    Q: Hi Deena, what were you most surprised to see/learn when you got to watch the Survivor episodes?
    Deena: It would have to be this last episode where Jenna felt that I lied to her and that I was a backstabber. I did not have enough time to go into her emotional state of being. I didn't get to talk with her enough about what was going on in her own head. So I feel bad that she thought that I lied to her and I hope that she doesn't hold any ill will towards me.

    Q: Deena, even though Matt was a physical challenge, do you feel that it would be a better plan to keep him around because he would be less of a challenge in the vote for final Survivor?
    Deena: Yes, which is why I went after Alex instead. Alex clearly still had the ability to out-think and out-play me whereas Matt was doing well to be coherent.

    Q: Had you wanted to Deena, could you have finished that worm before Matt did?
    Deena: Not in my lifetime! But I wish I would have at least tried even though I know I couldn't have eaten that thing whole as quickly as Matt did. It had a human face, giant legs and a body the size of the Empire State building!

    Q: Deena, how scared were you that Matt was going to kill you?
    Deena: Very!! *laughs* We did not have fire shift alone with him. We were always in groups of three. TV did not adequately portray how scary he was. He not only looked the part but he continued to sharpen his machete at EVERY available opportunity. I would have been calling 9-1-1- had I access to a phone!

    Q: Deena, what was the hardest thing you had to go through out there?
    Deena: I was not prepared for the blackouts that accompanied food deprivation. It was incredibly bad at night, during fire watch when you had to stand up or move. Your vision would get blurry, you would start to get dizzy and you wanted to hang on long enough until your vision cleared and hope that you didn't fall in the process. I would have given my wedding band for an In-N-Out burger (Double-Double, Wild Style).

    Q: Deena, do you think Rob is as hard-up for some lovin as he claimed to be in the Amazon?
    Deena: *laughs* Yes. Rob talked about his lack of female companionship quite a bit but that was in response to all the massive amounts of sex talk that went on at the Luuuv Shack.

    Q: Jenna seemed to develop a real dislike, more of a personal kind, for you after the bath reward. Do you know why or where that came from?
    Deena: *laughs* Jenna was really hungry. Jenna was incredibly tired. Jenna talked about banana splits a lot prior to that bath challenge. I think that she was a little jealous that I got to go but I think more so she became apprehensive when she came back from her own reward challenge. From what I've seen on TV, I think that apprehension was caused by Alex during the reward and by Heidi when she came back. I don't know what they said but clearly she thought that I was lying to her and backstabbing her.

    Q: Hey Deena why were you so mean to Roger, he really is a very nice guy, you came off so mean and nasty by some of the things you said about him?
    Deena: Were you watching the same show I was?? No, seriously, there were portions of Roger's personality that were very endearing. On occasion he did show a sensitive side but I had a lot of fun yankin his chain. He exerted himself as the control master and I wanted to dink around with that perception for his own misperception of how he was doing. But yes, in hindsight, I was clearly a little rough and a little too arrogant myself.

    Q: Deena, Jeff made a comment to Heidi at tribal council about her intelligence. Did you read anything into that?
    Deena: *laughs* Jeff made a joke of Heidi at Heidi's expense. Heid got it...as did the American public. *laughs* The converse of that is that Heidi was more manipulative behind the scenes.

    Q: Deena, you look great and you were my favorite survivor this season. What did you think of Rob making fun of Matthew? Don't you think Rob went a bit far?
    Deena: Thank you very much of the compliment. I got very few of those "you look great" comments! The great thing about Survivor and the show is that you get to see the dual personalities at work. You get to see a survivor interacting with the other survivors but hopefully, you get to see the true personality during the confessionals. Sometimes, just to let off steam, you go a little too far and Rob may have been a little unkind but Matt was beyond the certifiable status. Nutty.

    Q: Deena, why did you never have an opportunity to use the water balloons you brought to the Amazon?
    Deena: *laughs* I did!! I tied... we tied them ot our sad and pathetic shelter (that was shown in a couple of episodes) and I did use them on occasion to entertain the groups by making squeaky noises. Not the brightest of choices on my part, I must say.

    Q: Deena, why did you choose to bring the balloons?
    Deena: *laughs* It took me an incredibly long time to decide what to bring because the one thing that really mattered to me was the bracelet that you see me wear. It had my son Zachary's name on it and I was allowed to wear that as part of my clothing. So, it really didn't matter to me what I brought and water balloons was an idea I had one night when I was playing in the pool with both of my sons Zach and Caleb. That was the last time that I was able to play with them before I left. So, for me, the water balloons was my own personal reminder of the two beautiful boys I had waiting for me when I got home.

    Q: So, who do you want to win now? The men or the women? Or the best player?
    Deena: I am rooting for the best player.

    Q: Did Heidi ever get medical attention for the spider bite?
    Deena: She was looked at by the rest of her tribemates and we provided what limited medical attention we could give to her. We are all checked regularly and I believe that Heidi was as well. It was her tribemates (specifically Alex and Jenna) that wrapped her knee.

    Q: Deena, Heidi and Jenna are portrayed constantly of getting by with their bodies. Do you feel that has been their greatest assets? Or do they contribute much in other ways... Iwas so for you and Christy and Rob!!
    Deena: *laughs* Do you really need to contribute when other people get it done for ya?? What did Jenna and Heidi get for showing the world their bodies? Peanut butter, oreos and coke. Not much compared to the falck they've received as a result by they did get exactly what they asked for. So, they are playing and using their strongest assets.

    Q: What haven't they shown on t.v. that you wish they would have?
    Deena: *laugh* On the contrary, I think that the viewing public has seen quite a bit of Deena already! But I also think that the editing was kind to camp Jaburu in showing exactly how pathetic we were. So, while looked pathetic on TV, in actuality it was much worse.

    Q: Hi Deena. How much weight did you lost while there? You look great by the way. And who smuggled the granola bar into camp?
    Deena: *laughs* When I got off the island, I had a weight loss of 23 lbs. By the time I got home, I lost a total of 30 lbs. Yipee! Good for me! *laughs* As to the second part of the question, who do I think smuggled the granola bar... I don't know... what do you think? Let's have a trial and I can play the part of the prosecutor. And by the way, I haven't lost a case since 1997.

    Q: So does that mean that you're ready to take on Alex in court?
    Deena: I am afraid that Alex would not be able to compete at my level with the types of cases that I prosecute. I don't even know that they would let him in the courtroom doors to play with me. There's a difference between mock trial and superior court.

    Q: Deena, at this crucial moment of the game, who do you think is the best player?
    Deena: Rob. You saw it on the promos, Rob said "Alex thinks he's in charge, Deena thinks she's in charge, but I'm in charge." ... and he's right in my opinion.

    Q: Will you appear on David Letterman?
    Deena: I hope so! But what do I have to actually do to get into the studio?? I suppose it would be win a million dollars but we all know that didn't happen. I think it would be great to just get stuck in the corner deli.

    Q: Deena, do you think you could take on Alex in a triathalon?
    Deena: *laughs* Not on God's green earth! Have you seen Alex? A machine as compared to the "fat pig". But at least I can complete one.

    Q: How has your life changed since going on the show?
    Deena: Other than people recognizing me and signing autographs, I am still the prosecutor from Riverside. I have not changed. I am still aggressive in my pursuit of justice.

    Q: Unfortunately, our time with Deena is up. Deena, thanks so much for being here today to chat with us. Do you have any final comments for the Survivor fans?
    Deena: I know that I'm biased but I think this has really been a great season. Stay tuned because the excitement builds!

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    i would like to thank sheela for posting deena's chat. i missed the live chat and was waiting anxiously all week for it to appear on cbs' site but its too long...
    wish deena could have stayed on longer....i'm a christy, deena, rob and matt fan!

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    Deena seems to be very good-humored about her bossiness. Interestingly, quite a few of the Survivors aren't defensive about what got them booted. I have a renewed perspective on Deena, Shawna, and several others. It's cool when people can own up.

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    tornadoM. I hope you'll post here often.

    Originally posted by Shayla
    Deena seems to be very good-humored about her bossiness. Interestingly, quite a few of the Survivors aren't defensive about what got them booted. I have a renewed perspective on Deena, Shawna, and several others. It's cool when people can own up.
    I guess her objectivity goes hand in hand with her being a successful prosecutor.

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