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Thread: How do we get there from here? The Final 2 *spoilers*

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    Originally posted by Shayla
    [B. Once I started reading this thread, I looked up and it was 5 a.m. Don't let this happen to you. Go outside, bask in the sunshine, eat healthy spaghettios.

    spags! (I love them but, coffee or water does it for me)

    I hear that loud and clear. I was on here one day and suppose to be somewhere at a definate time and the clock on the computer was wrong (thought I had plenty of time) got lost in reading and was 2 hours late for a very important appointment.

    So far as this thread goes. Not sure if I posted it already - can't go back right now and re-read -
    If it's Matthew and Jenna for the final two I'd be happy.
    I'd prefer Butch and Matthew but, I think if it's Jenna and Mat the very angry jury (I think this is going to be great t.v especially with Deana & Goof ball Rob and Heidi)
    I would not want to see Jenna win the whole thing and I do not think the jury would want her to get it. I think they'd vote for Matthew.
    They should have a loser lodge show at the end. That'd be good.
    All the conversations they have after they get the boot - show it after all is said and done.

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    Re: My theory.

    Originally posted by tmcrae
    Well, I haven't had a chance to read every single post in this thread, so if I repeat some theories or ideas here, please forgive me. Here goes:

    1. Jenna comes to the conclusion that she will finish no higher than fourth since Alex and Rob like Heidi the best. (Perhaps a bit speculative).

    2. Jenna knows how easily Matt can be manipulated because of Rob's comments.

    3. Jenna sees Christy and Butch as far less threatening to win future IC's than she.

    4. Jenna comes to the conclusion that she will go further in the game if she were to align herself with "The Breakfast Club". This could tie in with the teaser posted on CBS's Survivor website which says:

    A Survivor promises to vote against a trusted ally, sending the wounded friend into a flutter.

    5. Now that Jenna is aligned with Butch, Christy and Matt, they set about the task of Pagonging Alex, Rob and Heidi. Only Christy, Matt, Butch and Jenna remain.

    6. Still under the guise of manipulating a clueless Matt and believing that he really is the psycho nutjob that Rob painted him to be, Jenna now takes aim at the very likeable Christy and Butch. Matt, on the other hand, recognizes that his only hope of winning (should he make the final two) is to ensure the reviled Jenna is by his side. He, too, sets his sights on Christy and Butch.

    7. Christy, realizing she was the only one to vote for Alex other than Deena at the TC where Deena got the boot, realizes Butch had left her out of the loop and convinces Matt and Jenna that he should be next. They are only too happy to comply. Jenna, Christy and Matt wave goodbye to Butch.

    8. Either Matt or Jenna wins the final IC. The very likeable Christy is sent packing by the IC winner since, whomever the winner is, thinks they have a better shot at winning the $1 million with the other remaining tribemate at their side.

    I've made an awful lot of assumptions here and I'm sure there are some holes in my logic. I just choose to plug them with the old "anything can happen in the game of Survivor" stopper.

    It's a pretty interesting theory, and I'd love to see this happen. Not quite sure how plausible it is - I have a hard time believing Jenna would turn on her alliance right now, since she's just seen what happened with Deena.

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    Re: Re: My theory.

    Originally posted by Leo
    It's a pretty interesting theory, and I'd love to see this happen. Not quite sure how plausible it is - I have a hard time believing Jenna would turn on her alliance right now, since she's just seen what happened with Deena.
    Yeah. Paulie brought up the same concern. It is kind of difficult to imagine Jenna turning on her current alliance. The big reason I chose Jenna to be the one to jump ship was the blurb on CBS's Survivor website which states:

    a) that a survivor promises to vote against a trusted ally, and
    b) that person is sent into a "flutter"

    Right now, I see Jenna and Heidi as the tightest alliance of two in The Amazon. To my way of thinking, the tighter or more secure an alliance is, the more likely that someone will be shocked or flustered (i.e. "sent into a flutter") when someone decides to betray that alliance. How this comes about, one can only speculate. According to another episode X blurb posted on the CBS Survivor website:

    In a SURVIVOR tradition, the castaways bid on much-desired items of food. But when letters from home are thrown into the auction, emotions run high and a fierce bidding war breaks out, leading some to exuberance and others to tears.

    Could it be that during the food auction, a winning survivor will only get the item of food they bid on if they deprive another survivor from their letter from home? Imagine if Jenna is the successful bidder for a food item. Now JP asks her to pick the name of another survivor out of a hat (so to speak). She draws Heidi's name. Now JP tells Jenna that if she wants her food, Heidi's letter from home will not be given to her. Jenna takes the food and Heidi does not get her letter. A fight breaks out between the two resulting in Jenna jumping ship to "The Breakfast Club". Being denied her letter from home could also go towards explaining Heidi's tears which we saw in episode previews (although those could very well be tears of joy after she got her letter).

    Just a thought...

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    Now that Alex is gone, I thought it wise to revive the "How do we get there from here" thread, because it's looking slightly more plausible.

    Assume Christy goes next week. Then Heidi. Then Rob. Neither Matthew nor Jenna would want Butch in the Final 2 with them, so they take their chances with each other.

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    I don't think you can assume that Christy will go next. One of the
    'cute girls' has to be next. Even if Rob only promised Christy to vote out Alex, the next vote would end up a tie because you know Matt, Christy and Butch will vote for one of the 'cute girls'. And I can't imagine Heidi or Jenna going back with Rob. Neither one seems smart enough to know they're on the chopping block.
    There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home. -Ken Olsen

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    I don't think Christy's going next either.
    She's top four all the way imo.
    Christy, Butch, Matt and Jenna
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Christys Gonna Win. I Just Have A Good Feeling About it . . .

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    Okay, let's not assume Christy goes next then. How do we get there from here?

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    One of the "hot" chicks has to go next. If the others don't realize that they have the tightest bond, then they all deserve a swift kick in the ass.

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    i think that the next to go will be rob...

    Jenna and heidi will vote for rob and will be surprised to learn that the M/C/B also voted rob...then rob will do the sour graping...

    then heidi will be next...due to the fire spolier...she will beg to be voted off instead of Jenna who is the choice of the new alliance...

    then jenna will win IC, the reason why matt and butch will vote off christy

    then matt will win IC but will take jenna instead of butch...for obvious reason...

    Jenna and Matt

    Rob - matt
    Christy -matt
    butch - matt
    heidi - jenna (her twin evil of course)
    alex - jenna (for he is so bright to think that jenna is a great person...so bright to give importance to Jenna's i need the money for my sick mother case than to who really played the game well...

    Dave - 60% matt 40% jenna...
    Denna - might be the swing vote if dave goes for jenna...she doesn't know jenna's comments about her...alex and heidi will definitely protect jenna...unless rob reveal's jenna's comment about deena and deena believed him considering that rob lied and backstabbed her.


    Jenna? bitchhhhhhhhhh!!!

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