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Thread: The Alliance of Four - Jenna, Heidi, Alex & Rob

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    Originally posted by mrscience
    I'm sure Heidi wishes her brain was as big as her boobs.
    Hell, if it was even as big as one of them...

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    As has been said in this thread, it looks like the only chance Matt, Christy, and Butch have is if Rob realizes how low he is in his current alliance's totem pole and jump ships. Unless Matt wins the next MANY immunities, it looks like he's next on the alliance's list. And if it's not him it's Butch or Christy.

    I think, to adress the flaunting/jury issue, that the 4 decided that if they all equally act like asses to the other three, they'll all have equal amount of negative points from those three come final two, and it doesn't hurt their relative chances (between each other in the alliance).

    For this alliance to break: 1) Matt and Butch must convince Christy to be on their side. Though this looks like a shoe in from our point of view, Christy hasn't been very...deliberate in her alliance choices. She kinda went with the flow, and with whoever seemed to call the shots.

    Then 2) Matt, Butch, and Christy must convince Rob that he has more of a chance with them, since it's obvious that the Jenna-Alex-Heidi bond is very strong.
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    Hmm...that's true. I tink ROb will be smart enough to know that he stands a better chance with Christy, Matt and Butch. he's so scheming and he just might jump ship. Also, i feel Jenna is not as simple as she looks like. I bet she would turn on Heidi w/o batting a single eyelid if she desperately wants to win!

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    Yeah, I think it's very possible that Jenna might turn on Heidi. And Rob's scummy, he'd switch sides on those 3 and make them believe that he was still voting with them.

    But Rob isn't very bright. The idea of voting against Heidi and Jenna will probably make him sick. He won't have anyone to oogle after! I don't think he could turn on them.

    Besides, he doesn't seem to like Matt at all. I think Matt had to be up there with Dave and Roger in his opinion of who he likes the least. After all, he says Matt is crazy. (And I'll admit, Matt is creepy, and ugly )

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    I do think Rob will turn on Heidi/Jenna/Alex alliance. He knows that neither Heidi or Jenna would not give him the time of day if they weren't in the Amazon. He's already seen their naked asses, so he'll turn on them. Kind of like, Revenge of the nerds.

    Rob already said that Alex thinks he's the leader, so he'll try to take him out next, if he doesn't win immunity. Besides, he's the one getting all the attention from the girls.

    Anyway, these are my theories, and I sure hope they turn out that way, because I would hate to see this combination (jenna,heidi,alex,rob) go to the final four.

    I still like Alex and Jenna, to a certain degree, but I'd rather have Matt, Butch, or Christy take it all.

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    I said this in the episode discussion topic: No alliance this big doesn't eventually receive its comeuppance. If someone is going to flip, it's going to be Rob.

    I would absolutely puke if Rob, Jenna, or Heidi won. Alex, I could still like as winner.

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    Re: Re: The Alliance of Four - Jenna, Heidi, Alex & Rob

    Originally posted by Deep Dish
    I agree. Rob has solidified himself as a pathetic chump in my eyes weeks ago. But tonight he just proved to be a card-carrying buttmunch as well.

    card-carrying buttmunch...

    I think the 4 are gonners. Even if Matt was as naive as he is protrayed (And I don't think he is) this will show him Rob's true colors. Alex would probably gladly go against Rob...I think he knows what an idiot Rob is.

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    It's OK to be a puppet master but Deena forgot to ues the inviso-strings. You can't enjoy your power so much and so publicly. Rob just enjoys his in front of the camers.
    The wizzard of Oz was only powerful when he was behind the cutrain.
    Very wise words!

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    Just kick Rob out of that foursome, and I'm good! Heidi and Jenna bug me a little bit but not as much as Rob!

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    I think Rob is going to realise he doesn't have a chance in the Cool Kid (gag) 4some and hook up with the others. Neither Heidi or Jenna will want to snuggle up to him at night and both are looking to Alex. Rob is just a geek to them and will always be one. I'm thinking Rob will turn on them to vote off either Heidi or Alex

    (of course I may just be hoping this because watching Alex, Jenna, Heidi and Rob as a final four would just ruin this season for me)
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