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Thread: Paulie's Precaps - Episode 9: The Brain

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    This is very funny stuff, Paulie. I'm glad you found a way to work in Dave and his T-shirt into the pre-cap, even though he's no longer in the running. My favorite part:
    Meanwhile, Butch stares at Heidi in terror. “Well, let’s see,” he says. “I’ve chaperoned a few dances in my day. I think I know how the kids are dancing.” He shuffles up to Heidi and locks his hands behind the small of her back. She reaches up and folds her arms behind his neck. The two then proceed to rock rigidly side to side, completely independent of the music.

    Heidi nods in approval. “Yep, I’ve seen this dance, too. Good job.”
    I can picture it now.
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    Ahhhhhh that was good... I need a cigarette...........

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    Always a pleasure to read. Great work!

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    How do you do it every week? Always something wacky waiting in the precap. hehe! Thanks for the laughs.
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    “Oh, you mean that part where she talked about how nice it was to get rid of another tubby person after Tribal Council?”
    Dave wasn't tubby! LOL! And honestly, I don't think she'd have really said that, she seemed to like him enough.

    “Silence, my minion,” Deena murmurs. “I must consider this new information. Go run into a tree for my amusement.”

    “Sure thing,” Rob says, leaping down from the roof and charging full-speed into a nearby tree. Deena throws her head back and laughs merrily, clapping her hands in delight.
    Absolutely hilarious!

    “You’re late to the meeting, Deena,” he growls. “I’m going to make note of this in your annual evaluation.”

    “You’re...my boss? You’re the DA?!” she shrieks. “Oh, no! Please no! It can’t be!”

    “Yes, Deena. Have you prepared my briefs?”

    Even funnier! I can't imagine what Deena's reaction would be if Roger was her boss. She'd DIE!

    “Hello, there,” Dave purrs. “My old adversary. We meet again.”
    Shouldn't this have been Rob's nightmare?

    “Have you hugged a rocket scientist today?”
    I must say, Paulie, every shirt you come up with for Dave is hilarious! And this is coming from a huge Dave fan, so they have gotta be pretty good!

    This was the best precap yet! I was really wishing this would've been the show.

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    Just wonderful Paulie.
    You outdo yourself week in and week out.

    I could literally quote 30 pieces.

    “True, true,” Alex says, running his fingers along his not-even-there-anymore scar.
    I loved this, that scar never was cool

    Deena is sitting on an elaborate stump
    The epitome of an oxymoron isn't it? The idea that a stump can be elaborate had me

    “Come on in, everyone. Nice and tight. Tighter. Nicer. Come on. Right on in. Really nice. Really tight. There we go.”
    Jiff's been amusing me with his "nice and tight" directions each week. You certainly took it to another, hilarious level.

    A truly wonderful job.
    Certainly my favourite of a stellar season of recaps.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Your recaps get better and better each and every week paulie.

    its just hillarious! I cant wait to read the next one.

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    Too Funny Paulie
    *shink, shink, shink, shink* comes the reply. “Will you quit sharpening those things for just a second? Please?”
    I had coffee thru my nose at this ...

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