Every week, our panel of elite Survivor analysts will gather to discuss the goings-on in Micronesia. Who's dealing? Who's reeling? What does our panel think of these weighty questions? Read on to find out.

1. If you were Jason, would you have stepped down after the others promised to keep you safe?

Leo: Not a chance. I'd prefer to have the idol around my neck rather than entrust my survival to Cirie flipping.

burntbrat: No way. It was a silly move. Especially after how slowly they all guaranteed his safety. James only mumbled it! Jason was incredibly lucky this round.

AJane: No, no, no. And I hope Jason realizes how lucky he is that Cirie and Parvati decided to gun for Ozzy this round.

MsFroggy: Absolutely not. Why would you trust these people to keep you safe? They'd vote off their mothers if it meant they'd get closer to the million. Duh!

waywyrd: Nope. Did he really think a plate of goodies was going to win him friends? None of them have been his allies so far, a doughnut wasn't going to endear him to anyone for the remainder of the game.

Iguanachocolate: I agree with everyone else, I definitely would not have stepped down, especially knowing I had no alliance what so ever. I wonder at contestants who worry more about friends than the ultimate goal of the money.

Mariner: Add me to the chorus. Even if they all promised they were going to just give me a million dollars, the only way I would have given up is if my arm fell off.

2. Should Cirie take any lesson out of being the odd person out and being sent to Exile Island?

Leo: I doubt it. I don't think she really minds at all that much - being the odd person out makes playing both sides of the street easier for Cirie.

burntbrat: I don't think there's anything for her to learn, either. It made sense that she'd be the one to sit out of a challenge that involved swimming. She's very public about her water weakness.

AJane: Agreed. It was the worst kind of challenge for her, and she seemed resigned to going to Exile instead of competing.

MsFroggy: She would have probably preferred not to go but I think she would have liked it even less if she had to suffer through that challenge. I think she's also arrogant enough that she doesn't care.

waywyrd: She's one of the weakest (physical) players out there, so I'm not shocked they sat her out. It wasn't a diss on her personally. If it's a physical competition, you'll never see anyone jumping up and down saying "Ooo, ooo, I want Cirie on my team!"

Iguanachocolate: No, she knows she the weakest player especially when it comes to water.

Mariner: I don't think so either. She actually probably relished the time alone to think about things.

3. Will Parvati's choice to turn on Ozzy help or hurt her in the game?

Leo: Help, but not much. Parvati is just distrusted by too many people to have a decent chance of going far.

burntbrat: I think it will help her getting to the final 3, but hurt her if she has to face the jury. In order to get that far she's going to have to vote out all of her old alliance and we already know that one of them is extremely bitter about it!

AJane: I don't think Parvati had a chance in front of the jury anyway, this just sealed it. Amanda is the one who should be worried.

MsFroggy: She won't win. No matter what she does, I doubt anybody would give her the million dollars. I'm also hoping they'll vote her out now that it's clear that she's a snake.

waywyrd: I'm not sure. It helped her in the girls alliance, with the exception of Amanda. If she does makes it to the end and the jury is still bitter, she's toast. If they cool off and see it as good, sneaky gameplay, she might have a shot. Hey, it could happen!

Iguanachocolate: I don't think it will help either way. It did bring her new alliance out into the open as to the direction they want the power to go. But sooner or later it will implode and she will be the first to go. She may be in a strong alliance, but she still doesn't have the trust of her teamates.

Mariner: I'm not sure it will help her but it sure made me respect her more. I'm not a big fan of the flirty strategy so I've gained a lot more appreciation for Parvati this time around because she is actually strategizing beyond batting her eyelashes.

4. Who made the biggest bonehead move in not playing a hidden immunity idol: James in China or Ozzy this episode?

Leo: I still say James. Ozzy at least has the excuse that he might have wanted to save his for use down the road. James had two, so losing one there wouldn't have been such a problem.

burntbrat: I guess James, because like Leo said, he had two and could afford to lose one. They were both in similar situations where they felt comfortable and didn't think there was a need to play the idol. I guess I'm in the minority that thinks that neither were bone-headed moves, just unfortunate circumstances.

AJane: I'll say James as well. I don't think it was stupidity on Ozzy's part, just over-confidence.

MsFroggy: James still takes the cake. Ozzy should have gone with his gut instinct and played the immunity idol. After Eliza ratted him out, it was only realistically good the next week anyway. Dumb move.

waywyrd: James still holds the Bonehead Award. He had two, for crying out loud - was he saving them for Christmas tree ornaments?

Iguanachocolate: Yup, James for me as well - for Pete's sake, he had two of the gosh darn things! However, I think Ozzie is pretty close - he should have listened to James gut.

Mariner: I agree. Two unplayed idols trumps one. Of course, Ozzy still deserves to slap himself upside the head. Honestly, I thought his biggest mistake was being so overconfident was bailing on the challenge for three donuts. If he'd won it, playing the idol wouldn't have even been a consideration.

5. Jason survived tonight. Do you think he has any chance of surviving for the long term?

Leo: Why not? In the aftermath of a major boot like Ozzy's, the focus is bound to get off Jason. If he plays his cards right, he could survive for a bit.

burntbrat: No. He has no place in the girls alliance so he only delayed his ouster for one or two weeks.

AJane: Nope. However, he won't throw another challenge, so the women better hope that the next one is less physical.

MsFroggy: He's still on the outside. He got a lucky break because they used him this week but his usefulness has just run its course.

waywyrd: Not unless he can morph into a girl. Once that plate of sweets was devoured and the sugar rush wore off, his finger-crossing friends dumped him. Plus they know he can win challenges, so he's still got a bulls-eye planted on his back.

Iguanachocolate: He will last as long as the girls need him for a vote.

Mariner: Either Jason wins the rest of the individual immunity challenges or he is gone. At least he can crow about outlasting Ozzy.

6. What will James and Amanda's reactions be when the tribe gets back to camp after Ozzy's ouster?

Leo: If they're smart, they'll keep their mouths shut and just sleep things over. Unfortunately, this being Survivor, that's not likely. I expect lots of bleeped-out profanity, and whining about "trust".

burntbrat: I think Amanda will let things calm down and then try to get in with the girls alliance. James will be mad. I wish he had more social strategy and could start up an alliance to compete with the girls, but I don't see that happening.

AJane: James will be upset, but I think the reason for his anger will be because he has to know he'll be next on the chopping block.

MsFroggy: I'm guessing the Parvati/James sweet, sweet love will be kaput. Amanda may now be forced to go with the girls even though she doesn't want to. They can't afford to stage a big fight about it, so they'll stay quiet.

waywyrd: James is all about sharing his feelings and not holding back, and it won't be pleasant back at camp. Subtle, he's not. Amanda has lost her snugglebuddy, so she has no choice but to bite her tongue and slide into the girl's alliance.

Iguanachocolate: James is going to be bitchy and unforgiving. Amanda will hold back until she sees where she lands in the new world order.

Mariner: Amanda is going to be hurt but probably not say much except potentially to Parvati. James is going to go off. He can't help it. He might as well because I'm pretty sure Ozzy's ouster means he's about to walk the plank himself.

7. What did you think of Eliza's reaction to Ozzy being blindsided?

Leo: Best moment of the season to date. Priceless.

burntbrat: It was great! Her expression was the same as mine at that moment.

AJane: The second-most entertaining moment of the season, the first being her reaction to Jason's "immunity idol".

MsFroggy: She was shocked and gleeful, the little snake. Her bug eyes just bugged out even more, and I didn't think that was possible.

waywyrd: What a goofball. She looked like Olive Oyl come to life.

Iguanachocolate: Over the top but priceless. It actually illustrated her biggest shortcoming in playing the game, she has no poker face.

Mariner: It was hilarious. I've seen jurors smirk before but I've never seen anyone mug for the camera that much. I wonder how she greeted Ozzy at Loser Lodge? I'm guessing it involved a little dance of joy.

8. Will the women take out the three remaining men in the next three tribal councils barring immunity wins by the men?

Leo: Not a chance. I just can't see that alliance holding that long. Cirie will flip is she feels like it, Amanda isn't really "in" it, per se, and Parvati is willing to say anything to anyone. Heck, if it can hold for more than one I'll be surprised.

burntbrat: I'm going to disagree with Leo. Now that the tide has turned in favor of the women I think the men are going to be picked off at every opportunity.

AJane: I'm with burntbrat. I think Parvati, Cirie, Natalie and Alexis are going to be all about girl power. I don't think that any of the remaining men can out-manipulate Cirie or Parvati.

MsFroggy: They'll cannibalize each other even before the last male is voted off. Besides I don't think there's a chance in hell they'd be winning that many times in a row.

waywyrd: If the men don't win immunity, they're out of there. The girls have been pushing the grrrl power thing for a while now, I think (I hope) they can stick together and make it happen. All of the remaining men will be seen as a threat, with the exception of Erik. They can probably just flash him their boobs and he'll fall into a little lump on the beach.

Iguanachocolate: I agree with Waywyrd - the men have to win or they will be eaten. That is until the last one is standing and someone in the girl's group will see that as their chance to whittle away at the others.

Mariner: I truly believe the men are going one at a time. The only thing that will stop their march down the plank is immunity. That will only save them for a week. If I were to guess, James is next followed by Jason and Erik.