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Thread: "background" players - More in this season than usual?

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    "background" players - More in this season than usual?

    I don't know about you guys but this season... it just seems that there are so many people we haven't gotten to know yet.

    Alexis, Natalie, Jason I barely remember seeing at all.

    Even some of the favorites don't have much screen time.
    Eliza, Ami and even James. They've barely spoken from what I can remember. Granted, they've had more time than the three fans I mentioned.

    Seems there's a few players who are sucking up all the screen time this time around, more than usual. Or am I just crazy?

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    Re: "background" players - More in this season than usual?

    No, I agree, seems more lopsided than usual. If I didn't already know the favs you mentioned I wouldn't know who they were, and I still don't know some of the fans.

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    Re: "background" players - More in this season than usual?

    There has been alot of early drama, and the people involved in it have largely eliminated each other, or quit or been medivaced out.
    And it's left this large group of young women who in earlier seasons would have been quietly evicted in the opening episodes. And by the luck of the tribe swap, they've ended up on a tribe that isn't going to TC.

    So they're not under threat, they're not part of the Important Stories, and their stories just aren't going to matter much until after the Merge. This season is going to have a weird "2 Seasons in One" feel to it. The Premerge having quite different people than the Postmerge.

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    Re: "background" players - More in this season than usual?

    Most of the action in the recent episode is focused on Malakal since most of the dynamics are happening there. Hopefully, next episode they focus more on Airai.
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