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Thread: Survivor Roundtable, Week 7: Two More Bite The Dust

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    Survivor Roundtable, Week 7: Two More Bite The Dust

    Every week, our panel of elite Survivor analysts will gather to discuss the goings-on in Micronesia. Who's dealing? Who's reeling? What does our panel think of these weighty questions? Read on to find out.

    1. Would Tracy have lasted longer in the game if she had kept her opinions to herself at camp rather than confronting Ozzy about eating the chickens?

    Leo: Probably not. The numbers were just not on her side at Malakal.

    Yardgnome: I agree with Leo, she never had the numbers.

    burntbrat: No way. She "took one for the team" and STILL got voted out. It didn't matter what she did. She was out.

    waywyrd: Tracy was on borrowed time anyway, chickens or not. She had no real allies.

    Mariner: I'm going to disagree a bit. If she wasn't so much the focus of Ozzy's radar, the other women might have convinced Ozzy to get rid of Erik. That would have given Tracy a chance to get to the merge where she might have gotten lost in the shuffle.

    2. Why haven't the favorites built a better shelter at Airai?

    Leo: Good question... the site the Fans probably picked is definitely too close to the water, but to make a shelter elsewhere they need energy and calories - which they are not getting.

    Yardgnome: I just don't think they care enough.

    burntbrat: James has his harem to hold palm leaves over him in case it rains. He's got shelter! Seriously, though, I think they're drained like Leo said and are just biding their time until the merge.

    waywyrd: Airai's beach is terrible. Why bother? They're just waiting til the merge and hiding in the batcave in the meantime.

    Mariner: I agree with everyone else that they just couldn't muster up the energy. I'm sure Jonathan's injury played a part. If I was living in the creature cave, I think I would have been all in favor of building something with less bats and rats no matter how crappy I felt.

    3. Would Kathy have quit if she had Tracy and Chet around following the tribal switch and why was Jeff so nice to Kathy about her quitting instead of trying to convince her to stay in the game?

    Leo: Probably not. Why was Jeff nice... he probably felt sorry for Kathy. To be fair, so did I. It's not an Osten situation in my book.

    Yardgnome: She just kind of freaked out, I don't think it would have mattered who was there. I was really surprised with Jeff's treatment of her but I think he knew she was on the verge of losing it.

    burntbrat: We didn't get to see much of Kathy except in this episode and the very first episode. So I'm not sure how close she was or how much comfort Tracy and Chet would've been. And Jeff is just a sucker for crazy-lady tears. Aren't we all?

    waywyrd: She wasn't much longer for the game regardless. I feel bad for her, but I'm not ready to jump on the pity train just yet. As such a supposed "fan", she should have had a clue as to what she'd be facing out there. Jeff knew she was having a meltdown, being snarky wasn't going to help.

    Mariner: I think Tracy might have been able to help her pull herself together but everyone else is right that she wouldn't have lasted much longer. At least the reconstituted Malakal tribe didn't send her to Exile Island again. That really would have been cruel. I also think Jeff knew she had just totally lost it unlike Osten who was a prima donna.

    4. Is Amanda going to turn on Ozzy in the game eventually or will she continue to put their relationship ahead of the game?

    Leo: Based on the fact that according to the rumor mill they're still together, I say no. Besides, as it stands there's no reason to turn on Ozzy yet.

    Yardgnome: She's stupid if she does, they have the numbers now.

    burntbrat: I actually think Amanda will be Parvati's downfall now. Parvati is counting on her in an alliance and it's pretty obvious that Amanda will not turn on Ozzy and join a ladies alliance.

    waywyrd: No way. She's with him until the end.

    Mariner: I agree with waywyrd. If Ozzy goes down, it will be after Amanda's gone or it will blindside her as well.

    5. Should Ozzy have owned up to being the tribal leader at Tribal Council?

    Leo: It was basically a no-win scenario for Ozzy. Tracey was clearly trying to stir the pot by calling out Ozzy like that. He did a reasonably okay job at Tribal Council, I think.

    Yardgnome: He had nothing to gain by owning up. Everyone knew he was the leader and he knew it so I think he thought he didn't need to vocalize it.

    burntbrat: Is he the leader though? Maybe he thinks he's just doing chores without being told.

    waywyrd: He's definitely the man who gets things done, whatever they want to call it. He explained himself at Tribal well enough to shut Tracy down.

    Marinre: After their losing streak other than the reward challenge this week, I wouldn't want to own up to being in charge either. By the way, how did I not notice how few men are left until just now?

    6. Did Ami trying to work a complicated plan to get Ozzy out at this Tribal Council seal her fate in the game?

    Leo: With Erik tied to Ozzy? Definitely. He'll blab, she's now untrustworthy, and she goes.

    Yardgnome: That was pretty stupid on her part. It will come back to bite her.

    burntbrat: Unfortunately, yes. It would've been a beautiful blindside if they could've pulled it off.

    waywyrd: Very dumb move. Erik has a huge man-crush on Ozzy and will be sure to tell him all about it. Ami's screwed.

    Mariner: What everyone else said. If Malakal continues their losing streak, Ami is the next to go.

    7. Now that we are down to 11 players, do you think there will be a merge after the next elimination?

    Leo: I think so. That's the usual point anyway, and the Airai camp is terrible. I can't see them living there for much longer.

    Yardgnome: I hope so. I'm tired of one tribe just getting decimated.

    burntbrat: Yeah, Survivor is a great reality show in that they don't mess with the format too much. So we know what to look forward to. Merger feast with a couple bottles of wine!

    waywyrd: I hope so too. They're dropping like flies this season, they'll have to merge shortly.

    Mariner: Add me to the hope so list. I'm ready to see some individual immunity challenges and see how the merged tribe dynamics play out.

    8. Who will last longer in the game: Ozzy or his protege Erik?

    Leo: Erik. He doesn't have the "I'm a giant threat!" sign hanging over his head the way Ozzy does.

    Yardgnome: Ozzy. He is a threat but when they merge, he has protection in numbers again.

    burntbrat: I've changed my final three predictions to Erik, James and Ozzy. So I think they will both last the same amount of time. I'm fickle.

    waywyrd: Ozzy. He's smart, he's a challenge fiend, and he has the Immunity Idol. The real one.

    Mariner: Ozzy. I don't think he'll make it to the final three though.

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    Re: Survivor Roundtable, Week 7: Two More Bite The Dust

    Great roundtable once again everyone. I agree with those who say Ozzy will outlast Erik. Those who could have gotten rid of him, like Jonathan, have left.

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    Re: Survivor Roundtable, Week 7: Two More Bite The Dust

    Great roundtable. I look forward to this each week! Keep up the great work!
    "How do you know the chosen ones? No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his friend. Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame... for one person. In the dark. Where no one will ever know or see." - Sebastion, Babylon 5

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    Re: Survivor Roundtable, Week 7: Two More Bite The Dust

    I thought the favorites helped the fans build a shelter the next day after the switch. Remember the fans were committing on how much they got done after only 1 hour.
    Did they build that shelter just in front of the cave as a door way or what?

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