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Thread: Survivor Roundtable, Week 3: Jonathan and Cirie, Sitting In A Tree...

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    Survivor Roundtable, Week 3: Jonathan and Cirie, Sitting In A Tree...

    Every week, our panel of elite Survivor analysts will gather to discuss the goings-on in Micronesia. Who's dealing? Who's reeling? What does our panel think of these weighty questions? Read on to find out.

    1. Was Eric playing too hard during the reward challenge by hitting Eliza on the head and flipping Amanda over or should it be expected?

    AJane: It wasn't so much playing too hard as it was stupid to expect tiny little girls to wrestle those bags away from the guys. Why didn't the teams put the small women in "goal" and have the big boys duke it out? Not well thought-out at all.

    burntbrat: I agree with AJane that the teams could have made some sort of strategy and had a better result. They were all just running around with their blurred body parts hanging out. I don't actually think Erik was playing too hard. When he hit Eliza on the head with the bag I thought it was the least amount of force he could've used to get her off. He could've pushed her with his foot or knee and that would've been more painful for her. The object is to win, and they didn't say the boys had to play nice with the girls.

    waywyrd: I don't think he was playing too hard. She was pulling his little gym shorts off, and honestly, who doesn't want to bop Eliza in the head? I was shocked he could even lift Amanda to flip her. But I do agree, there was nada as far as strategy. It was a free-for-all.

    Leo: Ungentlemanly, yes. But no, I don't think he was overdoing it. He was at least better than Joel, who seemed to prefer going after the girls than James or even Jonathan. "Go pick on someone your own size" is what we would have told him.

    Yardgnome:I think he was playing to win and I can't fault him for that.

    2. Do you think Cirie's decision to side with the couples alliance was wise?

    AJane: I think it was ridiculous. Why would you opt to be No. 5 instead of No. 1 or at least No. 2, which is what she would get if she'd stayed with Jonathan? Sure, he's a snake, but not more so than Parvati.

    burntbrat: I don't think it really mattered much which alliance she chose. She was number 5 in both. I think it was silly for either alliance to target Yau-man so early and to let Cirie call the shots.

    waywyrd: I think she had a better shot with her original alliance. She's obviously the fifth wheel in the couples alliance no matter what the girls told her. Her chances were better with Jonathan and crew.

    Leo: It's such a stupid move that I have a hard time thinking why she did it. Cirie is a very good observer of people; she must have known that she'd be burning her bridges and look untrustworthy if she sided with the Showmance Alliance.

    The only way her moves make sense are if she has the HII. She may have thought Yau-Man, because he has found one before, would be the top threat in that department. Her strategy may well be to try to lie as low as possible, try to play all the sides against each other, and keep the Idol in her back pocket.

    Yardgnome: I think it was a horribly, stupid move. Her days are seriously numbered on the island. She has no true alliances and this was just an all around bad move.

    3. Why did the favorites send Kathy to Exile Island for the second straight time?

    AJane: I don't get it, myself. If she's next on the chopping block why send her out for a second opportunity to find the idol? I don't care how dumb they think she is, each time she's there is another chance for her to find it.

    burntbrat: This time I think they were just being cruel. But maybe they're smarter than I am, afterall. Kathy didn't even pretend to look for the idol this time.

    waywyrd: No idea. Maybe they thought Kathy would be of help in finding the idol for their side. Or maybe someone on the fan's side paid them off to get rid of Kathy for a day.

    Leo: The Favorites were probably trying to keep knowledge about the clues on EI to as small a group as possible. They probably know that she is, to some degree, on the outs with the Fans and might not have told everyone else about the clues. Why let anyone else have a chance at the hidden idol?

    Yardgnome: I agree with Leo, I think they are trying to isolate the knowledge of the idol to one person or as few as possible. She didn't use her trip to EI for anything worthwhile so it was a good move by the Favorites.

    4. What did you think of Kathy’s move to play dumb and not tell Ami about the clues she and Cirie found?

    AJane: Well, obviously Cirie didn't share her experiences with Ami, so it made sense for Kathy to keep quiet. I guess she thought she'd have an opportunity to find it when Ami was busy looking for clues.

    burntbrat: Maybe Cirie and Kathy made an alliance when they were stuck on Exile Island the first time. I don't know why Kathy was being so nice though. I would've just gone off and looked for the thing by myself.

    waywyrd: It almost seemed like she didn't care about finding it. She did much eye-rolling and complaining about not wanting to trudge back and forth across the water again, but not much searching (that we were shown, anyway.).

    Leo: I agree with burntbrat. It's not so much Kathy's moves that make me think that way, but Cirie's - all the power moves make me think she has something up her sleeve beyond just being a swing vote.

    Yardgnome: Kathy is an odd lady and I truly think she doesn't care if she finds it or not. She had nothing to gain by helping Ami find the idol.

    5 . Was Jonathan praising the other tribe during the immunity challenge strategy or just part of his personality?

    AJane: Maybe he thought he'd impress the fans with what a nice guy he really is. He's not getting anywhere with his own teammates, so I suppose he's looking to the merge and opening the door to ally with some of the fans.

    burntbrat: He also yelled some fake praise during the challenge. I think he was trying to psych the other team out and get them to miss their shots. Did you notice that he'd yell right as they were starting to throw their coconuts?

    waywyrd: I think it a was a little of both. Some of his praise sounded sincere, some like he was just being a smartass, trying to mess with the fan's game.

    Leo: Jonathan is Jonathan. He likes messing with other people's heads. I don't particularly think there was any deep strategy, but it was part of his game.

    Yardgnome: I don't trust Jonathon and I think he is always playing up for everyone. He wants to be in everyone's good graces so he can make it to the end.

    6. Was Jonathan wise to confront Cirie at Tribal Council?

    AJane: His energy would have been better spent trying to win Cirie back, not distance her further. All he did was cement her distrust of him.

    burntbrat: Not wise, just proud. I don't see any advantage in causing more drama when no one was planning on voting for Cirie anyway.

    waywyrd: Not wise at all because it just stirred her up more, but Cirie was already lost at that point anyway. Cirie showed a huge stubborn streak this episode, not wanting to listen to anyone else. I don't think even Jonathan can sweet talk her back.

    Leo: Wise? No. But Jonathan doesn't have an off switch. Subtlety is not one of his traits.

    Yardgnome: It was a passionate speech not done at the right time or place. He wasn't going to change people's minds and he was basically giving that speech to make himself seem like a saint.

    7. In your opinion, why did Ami vote for Cirie and Eliza for Yau Man?

    AJane: I don't quite understand why Ami seems to be flying solo. She was very good at keeping her alliance together on her previous Survivor appearance. As for Eliza, I think her strategy is simply to follow the majority and fly under the radar as much as possible.

    burntbrat: I think they realized that they had no chance. Ami voted with her heart because Cirie was being a brat and she wanted to show her that she's not all-powerful. And Eliza voted with the majority.

    waywyrd: I agree with burntbrat, maybe Ami was throwing a vote Cirie's way as an eye-opener. Eliza was just going with the majority.

    Leo: I can't say it better than everyone else did for Eliza. I do think Ami is deliberately flying under the radar this time, trying not to appear as a target because of what she did the last time. Casting a throwaway vote could be part of that.

    Yardgnome: I really have no idea why they did that. There are people every season who throw out some crazy votes and I'm chalking this time up as one of those moments.

    8. Should the tribe have gotten together to vote out Cirie?

    AJane: No, why bother? She's zero threat in the challenges and she's still valuable as a swing vote, seeing as how easily she made the jump from Jonathan's alliance to the showmance quartet.

    burntbrat: Why not? I agree with AJane that it wouldn't make much sense strategically, but it would've been extremely fun to watch.

    waywyrd: There were bigger fish to fry this time around, but she's shown that her word isn't worth much by the way she flipped on her alliance so early.

    Leo: I'll dissent from everyone else and say yes. Yau-Man is best treated along the lines of a physical threat: keep him around so long as he's useful, ditch him post-merge. Cirie may have thought otherwise, but he was never a threat for the HII, because no one in their right mind would send him there.

    On the other hand, Cirie, as a flip-flopper, is a problem right now. The only problem with voting Cirie out now would have been the fact that things would have ended up in a tie at the next TC - and Survivors are deathly afraid of ties.

    Yardgnome: I agree with AJane, she's not really a threat right now. I don't see her lasting very long because she has shown she's not really trustworthy. She is an expendable player and will go out sooner rather than later.

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    Re: Survivor Roundtable, Week 3: Jonathan and Cirie, Sitting In A Tree...

    Am i the only one who doesnt see cirie going fifth on the two-couple alliance? i mean they will have to vote each other out at some point and that's when cirie comes to play.. She will be a swing vote again which i think was her stradegy to begin with

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    Re: Survivor Roundtable, Week 3: Jonathan and Cirie, Sitting In A Tree...

    I completely agree with you there. Personally, I feel like Cirie is playing a good game right now because you have to make moves in order to win. This mya put a target on her, but she seems capable enough of making it far

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    Re: Survivor Roundtable, Week 3: Jonathan and Cirie, Sitting In A Tree...

    If she's got a female alliance going in the showmance group she's in a good place. I can see Parvati ditching James, not so sure Amanda would easily ditch Ozzy, but she did at least go along with the discussion.
    What I don't understand is why the other group didn't have Eliza talk to Cirie, instead of the annoying Jonathan. Eliza could have told Cirie that she was on their hit list. And she might have talked to Cirie in a way that would have made it easier for Cirie to listen.
    I think a major reason Cirie wanted Yau-Man off is that it broke up what she saw as Jonathan's two man alliance. Yau-Man is known to be trustworthy, and I can see why those two smart guys would hook up--no wonder Cirie spotted it, too.

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