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Thread: Paulie's Precaps - Episode 8: Creeping With the Ten of Me

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    Hey haha! This is great! I love your precaps! They get funnier and funnier every week...I especially love the "I blinded you with rocket science" line

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    My epic journey to catch up on Pre and Re caps continues. The news that tonight's episode is the annual "Snoozefest" recap episode has dulled the urgency, but what the hay. Oh, idea! What if next season CBS hired Fluff to put together the recap episode? She could show the same old footage, but add in her own particular brand of commentary on the festivities. I sense a ratings Bonanza!!!

    Okay, sorry. Back to my fav parts of Paulie's precap!
    He raises an eyebrow in a practiced Mr.-Spock-turns-on-the-charm manner. “What are we discussing today?”

    Butch kicks the dirt awkwardly. “Well, I guess so. It just never occurred to me that this could fail.” He unfurls the “Believe” banner as far as his arms will allow and holds it under his chin.
    (The image of him looking down forlornly at his banner had me in stiches!!!)

    “Chicks dig branch scratches. Wanna see mine, Heidi?”

    “Well earned, my friend. Enjoy it. Take care of it. Honor it.” His eyes linger for a while on the blue plastic toy before he finally looks up. His eyes are moist.

    It’s a plain black T-shirt, and it says, “I blinded you with Rocket Science.”
    Paulie, you just keep getting better and better. Watching Jeff's continued descent into madness is always a pleasure. And the whole "HelloMyNameIs" thing was a very nice touch to the robots!

    And Bravo, I had no clue that Dolby references got you excited.

    BTW BF, one of our submarines is missing.

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