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Thread: Eldon Teacher Defends Her Survivor Stripping

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    Just to throw a different slant on things, how about this? Would you want your children going to a camp where a counselor went on national TV & bragged about having sex in public? I know it's not exactly the same, but to a degree it covers the same issues (morals / role model). So should Christy get fired from her job too? (Not defending Heidi here. Just asking where we should draw the line.)

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    One thing we haven't pointed out was how Butch acted during the stripping. He was very clear to say loud enough for the cameras to pick up "Kids back home - I'm not looking!" He's a principal, and it is clear that he realizes that he is a role model for the kids in his school. It made me like him even more than I did before. You go, Butch!

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    I agree, Wayner.

    Jodaar, unless Christy does something really out of line, I don't see why she should be fired from her job. She hasn't done anything that would be a bad impression for children, has she?
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    i think she is hot

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    Judging from my 11 year old's class and how they handle things, Heidi would lose control of her class very quickly. My kids were rather shocked and disgusted by the stripping and asking all sorts of questions about the 3some. (and being disgusted about the answer) I can't even think how she could handle her class after that, I could just see my daughter marching in and telling her how disgusting that was. As I could see the little boys coming in and making all sorts of comments. Judging Heidi from her other comments about being small and cute...well it wouldn't help my oldest who appears to be shooting up some day to 6 foot and was just upset about the fact she was 90 lbs ("but mom, if you weigh 100 you are fat")

    As for Christy...her comment went right over my kids head. Either they didn't hear it or just heard the word fireworks. I'm not sure why, but they perchive her as being "a teenager", that's what they call her and Jenna. I don't find Christy's comments as bad because it was made in a group discussion and not main theme she keeps repeating. As for camp counselors....I would like to know they aren't smoking pot, drinking and having sex when they are watching the kids. but I don't put them in the same class as teachers...for one thing a camp ususal has more adult leaders also. (and I have no clue where Christy is in the camp structure)

    I've pointed out before, there are professions that have to hold to higher standerd (Pascal being a judge couldn't be getting drunk and telling sex stories or walking naked, What's his name the Minister couldn't be telling 3some wishes or grinding Gainda etc etc) If you want to do that on TV, get into another profession.
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    Would you want your children going to a camp where a counselor went on national TV & bragged about having sex in public?
    She didn't just have sex in public. She had sex on the Washington DC mall during the super-impressive fireworks display. THAT would be awesome!

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    I've given my thoughts on the subject, and I'm not going to harp on it, but I just wanted to take note of the comments that teachers aren't paid well for being role models...

    Teaching is a "higher calling" profession. It's giving up the good of the individual for the good of the group. Teachers, policemen, firemen, ministers, EMT's etc. None of them are paid well, but it's not like it's a secret or anything. In those professions, one is held to a higher moral standard, because one has given their life to the welfare of the public.

    Saying that they aren't paid well enough to have to be responsible adults and good role models for others just doesn't cut it in my book.

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    I thought they did a wise thing. They were craving peanut butter and chocolate (or whatever it was). If they waited until later, then they'd have to compete for this against other people. This way they knew that they were assured of the food they wanted. If they waited, there would be a possibility of losing out on that one thing they wanted more than anything else.
    There was nothing stopping everyone else jumping off their platforms and getting a share of the peanut butter and cookies.
    This was the "worst" of the rewards and would no doubt have been offererd first anyway. There's always peanut butter, there's always some form of chocolate in these rewards, it's not as though they got the snack together in response to Jenna's offer to strip.
    They stripped for nothing.
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    Wow. I'm away for about 24 hours, and it gets to 4 pages.

    I'm gonna try to be short about this. Heidi's comments about cuteness and wotnot? Dopey. Jenna and Heidi stripping in the IC? Dopey. But if you fired people for just being dopey, then a whole lot more people would be facing unemployment.

    The only important question, as far as whether she should keep her job or not, is "Can she still be an effective gym teacher?"

    Anything else is a personal opinion and, strictly speaking, is a personal matter. I personally find it distasteful, but even if most people did find her such, if the answer to the above question is yes, then by all means, she should not be fired.

    However, after her comments, I don't think she can be an effective gym teacher anymore. Let's face it: practically all of her potential students will have heard her comments. I think some students would certainly be uncomfortable with her as their gym teacher. That means she can't be an effective teacher.

    So in short, I think she should not have her contract renewed, because after this whole thing is over, she can't do her job effectively.

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    Thank you, John, for pointing out that no one holds a gun to your head to make you teach for a living. Every one knows that teaching doesn't paid as well as it should. If that bothers you, choose another profession.

    If you don't want to be a role model for children, please choose another profession.

    I have three children. I am actually in the enviable possition to choose whether or not to homeschool, and I have given it a great deal of thought. But, in the end, for me it all comes down to the homeschooled kids I knew when I was growing up. They didn't develop a lot of the social skills and independence that they needed to fit into society. So, while I do keep a very close watch on their education and am actively involved in their school and classrooms, I send my children to public school.

    I expect their teachers not to do anything to undermine what I am doing. I find it repulsive to watch a teacher spouting her views on "cute" vs. "fat" for all her students to hear. Her obvious lack of morals and modesty is also disturbing.

    I didn't let my kids watch this episode. Thanks, Mark Burnett, for the previews. After the little fireside sex chat, I was doubly glad I hadn't let them see it.

    One of my close friends died in her early twenties from anorexia. Heather's mother was a wonderful woman who was not thin and did nothing to make Heather think there was something wrong with her body. Heather and I talked before her death about how she got started down this path, and it came from outside the home. Everytime I hear Heidi talk about the cute girls vs. the fat women, I think of the young, impressionable girls in her care and shudder.

    If you choose to be a teacher, you had better be ready to hold yourself acountable for your actions. Someone said earlier that you should teach your kids to get to know who people are instead of judging them by what they do. No disrespect intended, but that is an impossibility. Actions are the biggest measure of who any person is.

    Heidi should not be a teacher. Can you imagine that she is as kind to the heavier girls in her class as she is to the "cute" ones?
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