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Thread: Episode 3 CBS clues

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    He did do some fishing in episode one, I don't think he caught anything though.

    I think the other's must feel he's doing noticably less than him for Ken to call him "freakin' lazy".
    He's probably doing his bit to help in other ways but I would imagine that the others feel his effort should be more physical that it has been.
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    I think he is doing a "Sarah" and saving his strength for the challenges.
    Fluff, that is my thinking too. Jed is preserving his strength, but that will cost him in the long run, imo. I also agree with Jodaar about food and water being important, however, Jed should keep in mind that there are other duties that need to be attended to. I'm sure he can tell that his tribemates will start to resent his pretty boy attitude. All this from a Jed fan. Imagine if I wasn't.

    One tribe wins the help of two Red Berets--the equivalent of our Green Berets--
    Did somebody say like Green Berets? Woo-hoo! I hope they are hot-looking guys!

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