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Thread: Survivor Fiji: Power Trip 03/08 Ė Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

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    Survivor Fiji: Power Trip 03/08 Ė Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

    Welcome to another Power Trip, our weekly chance to play armchair quarterback and analyze the Survivorsí game play for this past episode. This article is designed to applaud that which they did right, mock what they did wrong and second guess the moves you just canít figure out. If you are looking for a recap of this weekís show, I encourage you to check out Lucyís entertaining rundown.

    Did Someone Say Ulong?
    It appears Rockyís foreshadowing a few weeks ago was right, as Ravu is shaping up to be the worst tribe on Survivor ever. At least there were likeable players on Ulong. Once again, Ravu lost both challenges and another woman was sent packing. The episode was much better than it looks on paper, however, and we actually got to see some signs of life on the strategy front from both tribes.

    Strange Bedfellows
    Despite being physical opposites, Earl and Yau-Man seem to have a lot in common. They both seem to be level headed players who have earned the respect from the rest of their tribe. Oh, and theyíve both been to Exile Island. This week, the two made a secret pact to share information about the immunity idol. Sort of. Earl gave Yau-Man a chance to look for it by taking the rest of the tribe out on a nature hike. Iím not sure if Earl expects to be repaid the favour, but if anyone would do it, it seems to be Yau-Man.

    Speaking of Yau-Man, we got to see a little more strategy from him this week, beyond his fruitless search for the immunity idol. When Mookie asked him about the vote, Yau suggested either Anthony or Rita; he didnít care one way or the other. Look whoís playing the game! And all this time, we thought little Yau-Man was along for the ride. In his confessional, Yau elaborated on Anthony, suggesting it might be a good idea to get rid of some of the friction within the tribe. And Anthony is the source of the friction? Not the hyperactive loose cannon in the guise of Rocky? If thatís the case, Anthony must be getting one heck of a good edit.

    Even though we didnít see much from Mookie this week, he did have a confessional where he explained that heís going to start to take a more passive role when it comes to determining who is voted off. It was minor, but itís a great move on his part. Mookie has become more subdued and less confrontational. Mookie is debatably the strongest the tribe has to offer in the challenges and is now starting to focus on his social game. Itís probably a good idea to distance himself from Hurricane Rocky right now, or to at least integrate himself with the others a little more.

    Thereís No ĎIí in Team, but there is ĎMí and ĎEí.
    As for the force of nature himself, last week, Anthony and Rocky were at each otherís throats. This week, they bonded over their frustration with Rita. I guess Anthony is just glad that Rockyís found someone more annoying. Either Rocky doesnít hold a grudge, or he gets very hostile when the topic of lip gloss is brought up, because this week, he single handedly saved Anthony. Before Mookie approached Rocky, he, along with Yau-Man, Michelle and Rita were happy to cast a vote for Anthony. Rocky turned the tide and saved Anthony. Weird, considering Rocky would tell anyone who would listen how useless Anthony is in challenges.

    That wasnít the only surprising thing Rocky did this week. He *gasp* accepted responsibility for the immunity challenge loss. Ravu was really close this week to winning immunity and it seemed to bring them together as a tribe, and I believe that Rocky was sincere when he apologized for letting them down. While I donít think that was the intention, I think it scored him some points with the rest of his tribe. They came close and they couldnít squeeze the trigger.

    Psychologically, Ravu is in a dark, scary place right now. They are at such a disadvantage, that Moto had no trouble picking them off in the very physical reward challenge. They had no chance. The other tribe is well fed, well rested and so confident even Lisi is smoking the challenges. That couldnít be more obvious during the immunity challenge where Ravu was so mentally spent they were wanding around the puzzle field like they were in the middle of the desert. Coming as close to winning as they did had to be an incredible morale boost, but an even more devastating loss. Itís a wonder they arenít all as volatile as Rocky. Itís got to be incredibly difficult to strategize when youíre that drained.

    Power Trip, Much?
    No survivors have been as pampered, or as lucky, as Lisi and Stacy. Fiji Resort aside, theyíre on a tribe that canít seem to lose and an alliance that will do their bidding. I guess life is so good for them that they can afford to treat the rest of their tribe like crap. Yes, Dreamz has to work on his social skills, but no one ever accused him of being a coffee barista. The strategy for the wicked witches of Fiji appears to coast this thing to the end in the lap of luxury. When Alex pointed out that Dre and Cassandra are bound to flip, even if Moto does win all the immunity challenges from here on to the merge, Lisi and Stacy didnít seem the slightest bit concerned. Good luck with that, guys.

    They arenít the only one that sees the danger in alienating other members of their tribe; Boo also couldnít figure it out when Alex approached him. Lisi, Stacy and Boo are all cut from the same cloth. They are in a good position right now, but that can fluctuate week to week. As maddening as it is right now, it will be fun to watch them get knocked down a few pegs, particularly Lisi.

    Hey, Heís Not as Dumb as He Looks!
    Alex wasnít wrong to speculate that Dre and Cassandra might flip, itís what Dreamz intends to do. Despite the fact that he and Rocky seem to hate each other, Dreamz is smart enough to realize that come the merge, Ravu will need all the votes they can get. Besides, itís not like it isnít painfully aware that heís on the outside of the Moto five. He gave it his best effort, but Alex couldnít fool Dreamz that they were all one big happy tribe. Dreamz has every intention of flipping once they make it to the merge and bringing Cassandra along with him. Dreamz has the potential to be a big individual immunity threat, so heís going to be a dangerous player as we get deeper in the game. Who would have thought that Dreamz would be there to play? Certainly not Lisi or Stacy.

    Player of the Week
    Without a doubt, itís Alex. The merge is on the horizon and Alex is trying to lay the groundwork to ensure his alliance gets far. His alliance is comprised mostly of idiots, but at least he tried. Alex did his best to show them the error of their ways and only struck gold with Edgardo. He even tried to break out the math, but that explanation didnít seem to register. Alex is looking ahead and trying to strengthen his position in the game. He made the attempt to smooth things over with Dreamz and Cassandra and take what they said at the last tribal council to heart. To someone like Dreamz, that might mean something down the road. Especially since the women in his alliance are behaving like mean spirited schoolgirls with PMS.

    What Rita Did Wrong
    Iíd like to think that itís something as simple as talking about fashion all the time, but itís not. Ravu came close to winning, but they didnít. They need all the strength they can get in the challenges and when it comes down to Anthony and Rita, Anthony might be more useful. Ritaís been about as much help as a corpse in the physical challenges and the fact that she thinks her stories are entertaining to the group proves that she might need to work on her social game as well.

    Next episode: We finally get a shakeupÖ and an unholy alliance.

    This article is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of the show based solely on my own observations and opinions. Opinions expressed in this article do not necessary reflect those of Fansofrealitytv.com. I also reserve to change my opinion at will and without reason if I should see fit.
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    As maddening as it is right now, it will be fun to watch them get knocked down a few pegs, particularly Lisi.

    His alliance is comprised mostly of idiots, but at least he tried
    So true. I always enjoy reading your take on things, Miss F!
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    Thanks Miss F. I think you are spot on with your analysis. Let's just hope things get more interesting soon.
    "I miss Darva Conger." - Phonegrrrl

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    Thanks, Miss Filangi, good job!

    The IC:

    (Almost) no memory is required.

    Have the tribe get some rocks or pebbles during the strategy session. The boards were arranged in rows. The front row is row 1. The left boards are column 1. The number on the board is the third piece of information.

    One tribe member records the board as its turned over using the pebbles. For instance:

    Row      col       number

    ..      ....      .......

    ....      ..       ...

    .      ......      .

    .....     ...      ......

    Outwit, outplay...ya think?

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    Somehow, Fossil, I don't think Jeff would allow that, but it would be cool.
    Or you could assign a row or a column to each person....surely they could each remember 4 or 5 things...
    BUT a lot of the time the person was out there w/o the strategy option...they turned over their first board and realized it was one that had come up before, but weren't allowed to check with the gang as to where that was... so some memory required.

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