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Thread: 3/8 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    The difficulty with rooting for Ravu is that they're just so damn pathetic. Even with food, they'd still be pathetic. It's not like they haven't had their chances either. Both the memory challenge and the food eating challenge were designed so that they didn't favor anyone.

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    Was Rita on Morning Show this Morning

    Did Rita make an appearance on the morning show. It appears she has been one of the most invisible players ever. Except for her lips last night, we have not seen much of her.
    Because I said so ....

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    The luxury twist has ruined the whole season. It won't matter that the tribes change soon. That last reward challenge was terrible to watch. Also, it seems there are very few likeable people this season.
    "In spite of all the temptation you have endured, all the suffering, you remain pure of heart, just as pure as you were at the age of eleven, when you stared into a mirror that reflected your heart's desire, and it showed you only the way to thwart Lord Voldemort, and not immortality or riches."

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    Eh... I just floated thru that episode. I dont like the Rich people, but I also aint much of a fan of the Poor tribe.

    No real tactics going on. No-one is very entertaining.
    Thoroughly dislike Rocky, and somehow I'm supposed to be rooting for him!

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    This season just sucks. They could've at least put the losing tribe on an island that had some food. They would be better off at exile island with all the snakes. A poisonous sea snake would probably make a good meal. The reward challenge was pathetic. I don't expect an emaciated and dehydrated tribe to be able to compete physically or mentally. I still think the yucky food challenge was the most pathetic display. Ravu tribe members were so dehydrated they couldn't even work up enough saliva to swallow. I really think that Ravu should team up and find their immunity idol before there is a merge or a shuffle. I don't want Moto to get everything.

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    I'm rooting for Ravu just because of the underdog thing and besides, I really love Yao Man and Earl and hope one of them wins.

    I can't wait for Cassandra and Dreamz to defect. I don't blame Alex for being frustrated with Lisi and Stacy. They are two stupid stupid women.

    Can you say H*U*B*R*I*S.

    They are bullies. I do not like them. I hoipe they go fast after the merge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea;2272690;
    Even better was when Lisi did a face-plant during the IC. Was it wrong of me to burst out laughing like the bully-kid from the Simpsons when that happened? "ha-HA!" -

    Nah, it wasn't wrong. I had a good giggle over that, myself! What was funny was how she just laid there for a few seconds and then she jumped up and took off! That was the only high point in an otherwise useless 60 minutes!

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    I hate, hate, hate this season! It was disgusting to watch the reward challenge- duh- did the producers actually think the weaklings had a chance in hell? I was so annoyed I wanted to scream! And Lisi and Stacey- man, I wish instead of a tribal shakeup next week- that the tribes just had to stay together but change camps. That would save this sorry excuse of a season. I will feel horrible for the tribemates who will be stuck on the loser beach again, though.
    I remember someone posting an interview with Jeff and he said something to the effect of "the luxury tribe had a strange sense of entitlement". Boy- he was sure right! And it makes me mad how Lisi said "We've EARNED" every one of our wins" Yeah, sure- maybe in an even playing field, but I wouldn't gloat so much considering your tribe started off in luxury.
    I'm not sure I can stand to watch the rest of the season- but I probably will. I'm so aggravated at it though and Mark Burnett needs to get a clue.

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    last season Survivor tried to show if splitting teams based on race would effect how the game was played in the long run but overall I don't think so. But splitting the teams on a poor vs rich basis does effect the game. Lisi and Stacy come to mind as rich bringing out the ugly in humans. Boo is oblivous. Even in the rich camp Lisi and Stacy stand out as bullies and entitled by their treatment of Dreamz and Cassandra. I truly hope that the switch up that is coming happens in time to save the downward spiral of Ravu and the season.

    BTW I am not really enjoying this season very much because I absolutely do not like anyone. Even Yau man is pathetic, and Lisi and Stacy I dislike but them I can't stand anyone on either team. There is no one stand out personality to either hate or love. The casting directors must be kicking themselves in the butt this season. Hint get some real people instead of plastic prettys that populate the LA area. Go to West Virginia and interview some goat farmers you will have better luck finding some interesting people than the blahs that haunt this season.
    No goat killers on my island.

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    The one good thing Anthony, Michelle, Yao Man and Earl have going for them is if they can get themselves to F3 with ANY 2 Moto members, they have this game won. No way will anyone on Moto vote for another Moto member. They treat each other like crap and want petty revenge much more than a million dollars that they are throwing it away. The luxury camp must have come with "money repelent" bathing facilities.

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