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Thread: Episode 3 Boot

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    Well guys its almost time, and well jodaar did such a great poll why not use it ? Plus it helps mods who can't count

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    Super poll, Jodaar. It helped me keep the teams straight too, as I never can remember those goofy names.
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    Well, I was way off on my predictions.
    And my boy Jed was booted. Awwww....He was Lazy but pretty.

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    I'm with you Wolf. I totally thought that Sook Jai would continue to steamroll with the challenges, but it didn't occur to me that they would either shoot themselve in the foot with their own stupidity or throw a challenge.

    The right tribe one the Red Berets. At least Chuay Ghan co-operated and listened. I can't see Robb and even Shii-Ann paying attention to them and actually benefiting.
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