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Thread: TV Guide Interview with 20th Contestant

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    I believe they always go to the general location a little bit ahead of filming so they can be checked out medically, sign contracts and the like.
    They aren't allowed to speak to the other contestants during that time.

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    Exactly Unk
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    My first thought before reading this was that she was just a wuss. Now I'm thinking she's a putz for taking the spot of someone who actually wanted to be there when she should have known full well she wasn't going to be able to handle it, like Morasca in All Stars, who similarly shouldn't have even been invited in the first place.

    I was an Eliza fan as well, especially compared with the other three who got to the final four with her (I wanted to like Chris, but the fat five nonsense ruined him).

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    I was not aware of this at all until I decided to play along just now.

    Well, the Lie Detector game has been part of the Fiji website for a long time now. I didn't really feel like playing until now. When I got through every single person (yes, I cheated), they said that some special bonus footage would be playing. Well, it was Melissa McNulty. So I got to guess which one was true and which was not true. Sadly, she stumped me.

    Survivor Lie Detector Game - Survivor: FIJI on CBS

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