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Thread: Episode 5 Preview Vidcaps

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    I think Jenna is, but I'm not sure about Dave.
    I think it could either be him or Rob.
    I think it was originally Ryan, but he was obviously booted.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    My two cents worth - what if the guys win some sort of challenge and have to select one guy - Dave. And then, wooohooo surprise - Dave is told to select one woman from the other tribe.

    Think of it - whatever the reason, you have Heidi annoyed and disbelieving that SHE wasn't the one chosen. You have Jenna using her feminine wiles on Dave and the other guys back in camp and kicking themselves for putting Dave in the cat bird seat.

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    Good idea mum,

    But to take it further, what if then they are told to switch buffs and go back to the other's camps?
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    Great, Bill! I can see it now! Jenna waltzes into the guys camp and all the guys fall at her feet grovelling. Cut for commercial. Come back and it's a scene out of the King & I - Jenna on a throne with Roger & Butch fanning her with palm fronds. Alex is rubbing her feet. Matthew is cooking her favorite dish and Rob is at her feet offering her a choice of Coke, Vanilla Coke or Cherry Coke.

    Dave walks into the girls camp, Heidi perks up and takes off her glasses and bikini top (oopsie, how did THAT happen? ) Jeanne sees Dave as a possible alliance and asks him to come help gather firewood. Deena asks him for tips on improving the shelter. Shawna sits up and decides maybe it's worth sticking around for a while. Christy doesn't say anything, just lips reads everything going on and, using the knowledge, rides a wave to the final four!!!!

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