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Thread: Yul - Cook Islands

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    Yul - Cook Islands

    San Mateo
    Management consultant

    Yul Kwon was born in Queens, New York to parents who emigrated from South Korea. The family moved to the West Coast when he was six years old and he was raised in Concord, California. He attended high school at Northgate High in Walnut Creek, California, where he played varsity water polo and track and graduated valedictorian.

    Kwon then attended Stanford University and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in symbolic systems (theoretical computer science). While at Stanford, he received the James Lyons Award for Service, attended officer candidates school for the U.S. Marine Corps and graduated Phi Beta Kappa. Kwon went on to receive his Juris Doctor Degree from Yale Law School, where he served on the editorial board of the Yale Law Journal.

    Kwon has enjoyed a diverse career straddling both the private and public sectors in law, business and technology. He practiced a mix of litigation, appellate, transactional and regulatory work at several law firms. He also served as a judicial clerk to a federal judge on the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Additionally, he worked as a legislative aide to Senator Joseph Lieberman in Washington, D.C., where he helped draft sections of the Homeland Security Bill and other technology-related legislation. Several years ago, Kwon decided to switch careers and become a management consultant at McKinsey. From there, he joined Google's business strategy group and most recently went back into consulting.

    Kwon's favorite hobbies include politics, boxing, ultimate fighting and volunteering with kids. He describes himself as idealistic, compassionate and ambitious. He became passionate about creating awareness for more minority bone marrow donors in the U.S. after launching a major search to find a match for his best friend who was diagnosed with leukemia, but ultimately succumbed to the disease.

    Kwon is a member of the Washington, D.C. and California State Bar Associations. He is also a member of the Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity.

    Kwon currently resides in San Mateo, California. His birth date is February 14, 1975.


    Colors: Blue

    Scents: Shower-fresh smells

    Flowers: Orchid

    Board Games: Risk, Monopoly

    Video Games: Car racing games, Fight Night II & III

    Sports to Play: Biking, football, wants to try Ultimate Fighting

    Sports Teams: San Francisco 49ers

    Outdoor Activities: Hiking, surfing

    TV Shows: Ultimate Fighter, 60 Minutes, Meet the Press, The Contender, Entourage, Firefly

    Movies: Blade Runner, Before Sunset

    Actors: Daniel Day Lewis, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn

    Actresses: Keira Knightley, Sophie Marceau, Gong Li

    Music: Electronica/trance and progressive house

    Magazines: Time, US News & World Report, The Ring, BusinessWeek, Fortune, The New Yorker

    Books/Authors: The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkein, Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe

    Cereals: Quaker Oh's, Honey Nut Chex

    Fruits: Watermelon, cherries, nectarine, clementine

    Snack Foods: Pirate's Booty, Fruit Roll-Ups

    Cookies: Oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip

    Candy Bars: Snickers, Nestlé Crunch, M&M's

    Alcoholic Drinks: No favorite

    Non-Alcoholic: No favorite
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    Ummm...that is a really impressive bio. Hopefully he is a good player.
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    I agree. If his game playing is up to par with his academic background & work history, he could be one to watch.

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    That's one hell of a resume. He should be interesting.
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    Wow. On paper, this guy is like the perfect human specimen. I have no idea how that will translate to Survivor as a competitor, but man - I'm ridiculously impressed.

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    But what's his favorite cereal and non-alcoholic beverage???

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    I'm speechless. Impressive bio.
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    Yes, an extremely impressive bio... but it will all hang on how well he can relate to his tribemates.

    Having worked with Sen. Lieberman, drafting bills, and consulting mean nothing when you're stranded on a deserted island. He's got to be able to relate to his tribemates, and he seems to be successful enough financially to put a huge target on his back.
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    He's so fricken HOT!!!

    I'm rooting for him!
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    Interesting. He attended OCS for the Marine Corps, but it doesn't mention any time serving in the Corps. Possibly US Marine Corps Reserves ?
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