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Thread: Yul - Cook Islands

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    Korean woman and men tend to marry caucasian people.
    This is simply not true.

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    Kali Kitsune
    I would like to! (Me being caucasian, and Korean people are wonderful)

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    Yul does read the message boards etc.. after watching Survivor Live. Wonder why contestants dont like to post on these forums.

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    Kali Kitsune
    OMG!! I hope he read my... Interpreting how certain people whose name begins with a "B" actually feel! Since I act the same way as she does... Especially in an embarrassing situation...

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    I think it's just personal preferences...we all have a "type" i guess, and whatever floats your boat lol but anyways...I hope he does read, Yul is a hottie! lol I wonder why he's still single. I think contestants dont want to post because then people will bother them...or they do post, but just dont make themselves known...who knows? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by holly71;2183142;
    Jonathan couldn't stand Ozzy, he made that obvious with his statements prior to even asking his question. it wouldn't have mattered how he answered that question, there was no way Jonathan was going to give Ozzy his vote.

    That is exactly what I said
    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64;2183140;
    He wasn't changing jonathan's mind.....

    There are 8 other people casting votes and 8 other people listening to his answer. He tried for the sympathy vote, people other than Jonathan can be swayed by that. He gave such a transparent BS answer with the college thing, any thoughts of "Ozzy needs the money more" went right out the window. if your going to BS or go for sympathy to get votes, make it believable or pick an answer that isn't such an obvious load of crap

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    Kali Kitsune
    I never believed a word out of Ozzy that night...

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    Yul seemed the consumate politician at the TC. I didn't believe half of what he said. I believed 90% of what Ozzy said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix1964;2183766;
    Yul seemed the consumate politician at the TC. I didn't believe half of what he said. I believed 90% of what Ozzy said.
    What specifically did Yul say that you didn't believe?

    There were specific examples of things Ozzy said that were obviously BS, but I can't think of any specific examples of Yul saying anything that was obvious BS.

    He told the truth for the most part. He was loyal to the people who were loyal to him. He admitted to manipulating in the game. He even admitted to Candace that he shamelessly tried to win jury votes by sucking up.

    Just because someone is articulate and chooses his words wisely, doesn't mean they're always lying.

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    I don’t fault Yul for his eloquence. I fault him for his double speak. True honesty is not his forte.

    1. In the final TC he downgraded his puppetmaster role and manipulation skills. He said he wasn’t the
    puppetmaster but since everyone else thought he was he took advantage of it. Now in post interviews he is claiming that he really was the puppetmaster and gave extensive examples of his manipulations. He said that he was a skilled manipulator in the game but also said he would not used those skills in the real world. I say BS to that statement. If you have a skill and a situation presents itself that would necessitates using your skills, you are going to use it-especially if it’s beneficial to you (ie. If Ozzy were stranded in a remote area, he would use his fire making skills to build a fire to save his life.).

    2. Yul stated that he didn’t really try in the challenges. There are only two challenges that people believed he threw and that was the one in which Adam one and the pole thing. Otherwise he was sweating it just like everyone else. And furthermore, if it wasn’t trying to win and Ozzy lost immunities challenges then one of the Raro’s would have gotten it and it would have thrown all the Aiuti final 4 out the window. This was just a cheap shot toward Ozzy. As if saying if I really wanted too, I could have beaten you in the challenges. The proof is in the pudding. Yul never out played Ozzy in the challenges. And the only rational understanding of his statement that he didn’t try to win the challenges is because he didn’t need to because he had the idol in his back pocket. But Yul would never admit that because it would make him sound lazy and that he coasted on Ozzy and the idol, in which he did.

    3. Yul’s arrogant statement “he brought his tribe to the final 4”. Like he is Moses bringing his people to the promise land. Ozzy saved them when Candice and Jonathon mutinied. Yul changed the game with flipping Jonathon. Ozzy blocked any of the Raro’s from winning immunity (except Adumb) which help the Aitu 4 get to the final 4.

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