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Thread: Yul - Cook Islands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necrom;2182265;
    Sundra has a crush on him its obvious at the Final Tribal Council. They way she said his name etc...
    I thought Sandra cleaned up real well in the reunion. Sandra looks pretty hot. I thought Sandra is married? I am a guy and I don't blame her if she went for Yul. :LOL

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    Ya Sundra is gorgeous and has a nice personality and a heart of gold. Shes a single mom according to her interview.

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    My father thought that they put 20 people on a deserted island and the one left alive got the million,' Kwon says. My parents were actually hoping Id go on `The Bachelor. But at this point, they would like me to show up on the doorstep with a wife and baby.'

    Yul says to be fair, it was terribly windy and that probably hurt the two when trying to start fires. But he also says that when Sundra ran out of wood, Becky offered some of her wood to Sundra. When Sundra ran out of matches, she cheered Becky on.
    their trust and love for each other were true. what a beautiful group of people!

    But even he didnt see it coming when Ozzy claimed that he wanted the money to go to college.

    Turns out that Ozzy had told everyone he would use his winnings to build a sort of surfer commune for his pals where they could live free.
    i was fooled by ozzy! i actually thought that he wanted the money to go to college!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 101ethan;2182320;
    i was fooled by ozzy! i actually thought that he wanted the money to go to college!
    I don't blame him for piling the BS up to try and get sympathy votes, it was a lame reason and lie though. I'm not thinking "Oh I'll give him my vote so he can get an education" I am thinking "fill out a grant application, loan or scholarship papers". If your gonna lie, make it a good one-not one that is easily transparent within seconds

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    I guess we'll know if he was telling the truth when we see if he uses that (before tax) $100K for a college education. Seems like more than enough for a decent education...

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    Yul had been present at a discussion about body hair between members of the Raro tribe. The discussion turned mean-spirited against Jonathan’s wife.

    “I was chopping coconuts and thought `You guys are being really rude and you’re digging your own grave.’ Jonathan was furious with them and didn’t want any of them making it to the final four,'’ Yul says. “So I told Ozzy that the only way Jonathan would flip would be if we voted Nate out, because he had made fun of Jonathan’s wife.'’
    If it was possible, I've lost even more respect for Raro. It's one thing to be mean-spirited to be people within the game. It's in poor taste, but sort of acceptable. But it's a completely different matter to bring in others outside of the game. No wonder Jonathan was so pissed, and with good reason. Why the heck didn't that make the TV show?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WCHusky;2182254;
    Thats fine and you certainly can have your choice. Adam, however, did not do anything to deserve to win. Adam was terrible in all the challenges except for the math one. Adam did not have any strategies other than sticking with his original tribe. As the game changed, Adam did not do anything differently so he did not deserve to win.
    Yeah he really didn't do anything to deserve to win I just was hoping he would win because I considered him an underdog and I would have liked to see him win.

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    I don't like that Ozzy fibbed about the college thing, but I think people should be free to spend their money however they choose, whether we agree with it or not. Not everyone is cut out for college, & I don't mean that in the way of intelligence, b/c I think Ozzy is quite smart, but he's more of an outdoors person & somewhat of a hippie, so if his true plan was to have a commune, it really does fit in with his personality.

    To say someone shouldn't get the money b/c you don't "approve" of the way they will spend it reminds me of how some people don't think others should win or get far b/c "they don't need the money", which is crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WCHusky;2182273;
    I thought Sandra cleaned up real well in the reunion. Sandra looks pretty hot. I thought Sandra is married? I am a guy and I don't blame her if she went for Yul. :LOL
    sUndra... if you're going to lust over her you've got to spell her name right!

    Of course I don't know anything about Yul's family, but based on other Korean-American parents I know I'd guess they'd be a lot happier with Becky as a daughter-in-law than Sundra. But I agree Sundra seems like a really, really nice person--and it would mean he'd wind up on their doorstep with BOTH a wife and kid!

    So who believes the thought never crossed Becky's mind??? Yeah, right. Unless she is a lesbian or he is gay (and he told her that early on) I can't believe the thought never crossed her mind! There's a lot of down time in 39 days for fantasies!

    If Ozzy had told everyone he wanted it for a commune how did he expect to convince them he suddenly wanted it to go to college? Maybe 200K (before taxes) for college and the rest for the commune?

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    Yul appeared VERY interested in hearing Becky's response to Jeff question about any possibilities of a romance between her and Yul. I think he was definitely interested in her.

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