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Thread: Survivor pre-empted by Pres Bush

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    Grrr. Why don't they make it an hour. I was not aware that Survivor would start at 8:50. I assumed 8:30 or 9:00. When I saw it wasn't at 8:30, I went about my business only to find that Survivor had already started when I came to watch at 9:00. Did they announce that it would start whenever Bush finished speaking? I just don't get why they'd let all these programs run 10 minutes off.

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    Yep, I think they announced that whenever he was done, the show would start. It's unfortunate they couldn't talk about what he'd said for 10 minutes (wow, I believe that's the first time I've ever wished for people to KEEP talking instead of airing Survivor).

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    CBS aired "special west coast" coverage of the press conference. It's because the east-coasters wanted their Survivor!

    That's something I'd expect from FOX, not CBS.

    FOX would marry the President to a millionaire during a press conference...

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    Originally posted by Wolf
    Because he knows that's when he can get us.
    I imagine Bush hopes that we'll listen to his speech while waiting for Suviva to start. :rolleyes
    It's the old "must see TV" Thrusday night. Put the President on when you know people are home watching TV. They used to do it when Cosby was huge, Cheers etc etc. Thrusday night has been the night of choice for years for stuff like this.
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    You have a point there! I missed E4 because his speech just went on and on, I was like hurry up already... But Mr. Sandman was tickling me to sleep. Grrr.... we should make petitions and have millions sign it and give it to the President, to forbid him interrupting into Prime-Time telly! LOL But again, he might not care anyway.


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