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Thread: 12/7 recap: If It Wasn't For Those Pesky Kids...

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    Next week:

    More scheming, and it all revolves around Ozzy. Paravti and Adam develop a plan and approach Ozzy about flipping. He says he’ll do whatever it takes to win. Meanwhile Yul and Becky are becoming distrustful of Ozzy and are thinking of turning on him. Tune in to see just how stupid the Aitu majority decides to be!
    Well, hopefully not too stupid. It appears Ozzy has alwayls been on the chopping block since he wins so many IC, but it's hard to believe he would form an alliance with Adam and P. They both lazy and he seems to resent feeding them. As they all should frankly.

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    I hate the remaining raros but, honestly, if Yul were smart he'd get rid of ozzy while he can (or vice versa, but it'll be harder to get rid of Yul). Yul will probably win, but if anyone might steal the whole thing away, it's Ozzy.

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    Thanks for the recap. I was trying to watch online and it keeps dropping after the family reward challenge.

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    I love Ozzy! I think he is a champ!

    Doesn't silly bloody Yul know - don't break up your four! Didn't they watch Africa? Stay true to your alliance, get rid of the other two... then get rid of the coat tail riders - and final two Yul and Ozzy.

    I will hate Ozzy if he caves to Adam's scheming ways. They will do anything to stay in the game, naturally. It is such a Thailand situation. Pick off the other tribe, then the four left standing strong. But seems that is not how it is going to go! That will tick me off big time!

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