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Thread: Medical Emergency? **Possible Spoilers**

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    It's just the typical previews hyping up that somebody MAY have to leave due to a medical emergency and if you don't watch on Thursday night to find out exactly what happens in the next exciting episode your whole life will suck from here on out. I really really hate the previews.

    My guess is that Piehole Poverty gets a boo-boo on her finger from the machete and Adumb kisses it to make it all better and they have to call in the medical team to treat her for rabies or whatever horrible infection his saliva has caused.
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    Zerfley, thanks for making my day with that humorous reply. I don't want my whole life to suck from here on out, so I will be sure to tune in for the next episode.

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    I remember there was brief talk about Yul being in pain of some sort a few weeks back. Maybe it's him with the medical emergency? If that's the case I hope he gives the idol to either Becky or Ozzie.

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    Perverti's cut in the preview looked like nothing-I've had paper cuts that looked worse.

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    Didn't someone (in the preview) tell Perverti the machete cut "looked bad" and she had to get medical attention ? I would think it would be necessary to possibly put in a stitch or two and disinfect and bandage it ? She wasn't crying. She just walked up with a bloody hand and said calmly that she cut her hand ... and someone else stated it needed attention.
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    Yeah I saw that on the preview. I bet it all comes out to being not that bad; she will be stitched and/or bandaged up and that will be it.

    I did see a commercial last night during TAR, and the injured person was all blurred out. But there was a scene with 3 people standing on the beach. One of them was Sundra, I think, putting her hands up to her face in a kind of "oh no!' way. I thought I saw Yul standing there in that scene. So I do not think Yul is the injured person.

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    I would be surprised if Parvati HAS to leave due to cutting her finger, but I wouldn't be surprised if she gets voted out.

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