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Thread: 9/14 recap: Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannysheaven View Post
    Wow, I couldn't stop thinking about those chickens either!

    I felt bad for them
    I wouldn't feel bad for them, they escaped sure slaughter and obviously one is a rooster so soon they'll have populated the whole island!

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    Awesome recap Lucy

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    Great great recap Lucy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
    And, it’s challenge time. All the tribes enter. Probst asks about the chickens, and Yul says his got stolen. Everyone points to Jonathan, who pretends he knows nothing about the matter of the chickens.
    For somebody who prides himself on being an actor, he did a terrible job acting as if he didn't know anything about the chickens. Ass.

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    Lucy, you are so in your element recapping Survivor. Fabulous recap right from the start with the Appalachian American introduction. I loved your sarcasm with the whole premise of this season. I could have quoted the whole thing and almost did.

    While this goes on, Probst describes the set-up this time, which everyone has already heard about – four teams, divided by race. Not a ratings stunt at all, of course. Just a “social experiment like never before.” Um, I think we have done this before, actually. It was called “the 19th century.”

    Each one has about five members (it looks like to me) and gets its own island, where they’ll be “abandoned and left to fend for themselves,” says Probst. Yeah, except for the food challenges, the hovering cameramen, the medics, and so on. Apart from all that, though, they’re totally on their own.

    It’s great to have more minorities, he says, but he’s worried it will lead to cariacatures and stereotypes. And that’s before he even meets Cao Boi.

    I’m not at all worried about race right now. I’m worried how those chickens are going to survive the pounding surf.

    Introductions, Spoken Slowly For Big Tom

    I’m going to do Probst’s job for him now and introduce everyone. Divided by race. Because I’m all racial like that. Suck it, Probst.

    “Plus, I know how to make a toilet,” he says. I don’t even want to know where he’d pick up a skill like that.

    Go rent it, my children. And never trust a singing snake.

    Parvati: 23, a “boxer/waitress” – interesting slashie – in Los Angeles .

    They’d stashed the chickens under a crate (with no ventilation – clearly these aren’t farm folks. Or even folks with a basic understanding of the respiratory system.)

    I don’t even think she did it out of some earthy-crunchy “Free the Chickens” motive, I think she’s just a bit of a dumbass.

    Anyway, a chicken chase ensues, which results exactly how you’d expect, given that these are the people who put chickens in a crate with no airholes – the chickens win. Viva la chicken!

    I Wanna Be a Cao Boi, Baby

    The other girls pile on, in what they cutesily and barfily call a “cuddle puddle.” Um, why didn’t y’all just build a roofie poofie?

    It Never Pays to Steal a Chicken

    Sorry for the spotty play-by-play, but it’s not easy recreating the drama here.

    Anyone Can Be Arrogant. It Takes a Real Man To Build a Fire
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    Nicely done, Lucy!

    I didn't watch this episode. Reading your recap gave me a feeling of completion.

    Laugh out loud moment:
    Just a “social experiment like never before.” Um, I think we have done this before, actually. It was called “the 19th century.”

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