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Thread: Sekou - Cook Islands

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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd View Post
    You got that right.

    I wanted to like him, but he was all mouth and had nothing to back it up. When he gave up on the fire-building to take a nap, that just sealed it for me.
    Exactly! When he was talking to Stephanie he says "Don't you want someone who gives you fire" and she says "But we don't have fire" and his response " But I'm GONNA get some fire". Whateva! He sealed his own fate...taking breaks.

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    I loved what little I saw of Sekou! His shout: "I NEED A BREAK!" was very funny, followed by him flopping down on the raft. This guy could have added a lot to the show.

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    If you're a leader early on, you become pretty much expendable if your tribe screws up. So Sekou's boot was no surprise. The fact that he wasn't particularly likable either just makes it better for me.

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