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Candice made a better attempt at spin than Nate but sadly it's complete hogwash no matter how you put it. How about this answer?

Let's see, she wanted Jonathan gone while on Aitu, she didn't want him with her when they mutinied, she bad mouthed him to Adam. Wanted him gone from Raro and wanted him gone when they merged to one tribe. Candice, you didn't just say it in your head, you said it on film.To conspire to get rid of him time and time again and then to have the audacity to say she wasn't going to vote him out? I wonder what kind of mental issues this girl has that she'll bend over backwards to make herself look like a fool and moron rather than admit something? She also tried to blame not working as much because she spent soo much time in Exile. What, all of 4 days out of how many? 29?

Heaven forbid what kind of Doctor she'll make. Probably the kind that amputates the wrong leg of a patient

I remember the same things that you do. She was not nearly as loyal to Jonathan as she is now trying to portray. The TV Guide interview was interesting, though. I was never a Candass fan, but I don't think that she's as foul as Adum the Ass or Perv-ati the Parasite

I still wouldn't want her as my doctor, though