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Thread: 'Survivor 13' Contestants Announced!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissThing View Post
    And a program where winning is based on lying, backstabbing, breaking one's word is an ideal forum for this type of open discussion?
    Im not trying to imply that the teams are going to sit down and have an open round-table discussion on the issue of race, I'm saying that dividing the teams along these lines will encourage discussion and contemplation on the race issue among those watching (and in fact, it already has generated a lot of discussion!) I realize that Survivor isnt an especially good sample (after all, it's taught us that all black males are lazy and cant swim!), but I'm willing to wager that we'll see some decidedly different group dynamics among the tribes this year due to this segregation. And that, in of itself, is worthy of discussion and analyzation.

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    This is how I see this season. JMO.

    They couldn't sign up a regular folks to the show where the teams are divided by race. It would be too much risk and unexpected turns and too much controvercy. REAL feelings could be hurt.

    Sooo they signed up a bunch of wannabes actors/directors/ musicians/writers etc.etc.

    ALL of them are not in the game to win. Of course money would be nice but the main reason for participation to every one of them is TV exposure, the chance to show their faces on TV, the chance to become RECOGNISABLE and to land some possible gigs after the show.

    1.If we see some racial tension-it will be staged by the contestants to make a good TV.

    2.If we see some romance - it will be staged by the contestants to make a good TV.

    3. If we see some really bad biatches....see # 1 and 2.

    You got the drill.

    My predictions:

    The most staged and fake played "Survivor" season EVAH.

    Time to check TV Guide.

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    Oh man! I really hope not.

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    I tried dividing people up just based on "looks"---not so easy! The ethnic group Hispanic people of course were mainly the ones I vacillated about... Asian or Hispanic? African or Hispanic? European or Hispanic? Just in case you need a reminder what a silly concept race/ethnicity can be....

    It seems to me the groups with 3 guys will be likely to have an advantage in some of the usual physical early contests....hope the African and European groups have really strong women to compensate.

    Did anyone notice how many boxers we have this year? Especially among the women? Maybe they won't be at such a disadvantage this year among those upper body endurance contests.

    ETA...if they are doing sexuality next year an alternative to 5 gay men, 5 straight men, 5 lesbians, 5 straight women in 5 G & L, 5 bisexuals (mixed sex), 5 straights (mixed sex), and 5 trans (some MTF and some FTM). Gives us SO many more options for hook ups! And everyone picked so they could "pass" as straight so it isn't immediately obvious who is what group.... OK, maybe this sounds more like Big Brother than Survivor....
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    Let's face it, there is racism among a few sensitive viewer (which sucks) but some don't see it because they in teh first place do not divide people into races. We breathe same air, live on the same earth and drink same water. So what's the difference? Only the color.

    LOL your eye candy - Brad Virata (and mine too) is a Filipino-American, yay! A fellow Filipino. And according to some websites he is really opnely gay, and I was happy coz I'm gay too! Hey Adam is also hot. And Ozzy too for me... lol.

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    separated by race....don't really see what the fuss is all about. we encounter racial issues in real life everyday and no one seems to give too much of a damn......now everyone comes out protesting because they put it on a dying tv show?

    i don't see the same reaction when the contestants were divided by age and gender........why?

    looking at the asian tribe, you ca see how naive people view asians.....within the tribe, they have koreans, filippino, etc. even you view them collectively as asians, each of them are actually from very distinct and different cultures and have different values and attributes. and also, given the american's melting pot policy, unless these people are 1st generation immigrants (this applies to the blacks and the latinos), they all have somewhat adapted to the american culture - i bet most of them watch the super bowl, play golf, celebrate thanksgiving........so, while they are of different skin colour, they are not that different than you think.

    once again, the producers got what they want........a buzz......let see if it translates into ratings.
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    I think its a unique idea.

    I cant wait til tomorrow.

    I'm rooting for Jessica and Billy

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    Tick tock. Tick tock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanda View Post
    I think its a unique idea.

    I cant wait til tomorrow.

    I'm rooting for Jessica and Billy
    I almost forgot it started! How time flies. I'm still not digging the cast (nor did I care to see in the promo chickens being thrown in the water when the contestants were going overboard Yeah, I know it's 'Survivor' but I've never cared for how they show the butchering of animals). Anyway, the cast doesn't look too interesting to me, but I at least want to check out the first episode and see how the contestants react to the twist. And to see whether or not Probst, Burnett, and CBS live up to their promise that there's no racial stereotyping or editing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlyCat View Post
    Well, I very much dislike this idea. But I have to admit, they need viewers and this will get it. For me, racisim is a very touchy subject. I am glad that we get to see an equal balance of all different races, but I'd rather see them all interact with each other, rather than watch them compete against each other. I hope they merge early on.
    I totally agree! I think it would have been a much better idea to just have 2 tribes to start out with - it is nice to see equal representation of a few different races finally, but I don't see anything good coming from having them compete against each other...any more than I see the point of having the age/gender separations of last season, or even just the gender separation of other seasons. Mix and mingle folks, that's the key! We are ALL just people - gender/race/age/religion/class, etc, should never come into it anyway...

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