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Thread: Post show discussion **Spoilers**

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    FORT Spaghettio Shayla's Avatar
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    As for common ground (?),
    possible shared/unshared assumptions and values: it's always okay to make fun of reality TV show people for any reason and on any basis; it's never okay; people on reality tv shows are "deserving" of criticism, but only if they commit specific actions or say specific things; it's good to discuss what you dislike/like in public; it's good to use those dislikes/likes as opportunities for self-examination; it's good to point out when someone's criticism is unwarranted; it's good to understand what warrants criticism of another person.

    This list is incomplete. In any case, I can see that just writing out a complete list or including, ALACK!, talking points would just be really really scary. I mean, you all know that there are no common grounds!

    Humiliate your foes and salt the soil!

    Then kill them.

    ah, the life of a peacekeeper makes me so...so...violent...

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    Thanks Shayla, I appreciate it. I don't think I found any answers, but this discussion seems to have run it's course. I'd better bail on it while a few people here still like me.

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    I like ya Jodaar!

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