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Thread: Stepping Into the Sunlight - Exile Island

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    Stepping Into the Sunlight - Exile Island

    The following is the list of the Survivor shadowers for Exile Island. The names in parentheses did a sub or two for a particular Survivor. A few of the others were handed off during the season to even up the workload. Thanks to everyone for another fun season.

    Aras - Shazzer
    Austin - Yardgnome77
    Bobby - mrdobolina
    Bruce -waywyrd
    Cirie - (John, speedbump, Mrdobolina, Mariner) Totoro
    Courtney -Suncat7 and Mrdobolina
    Dan - mrdobolina
    Danielle - Shazzer and Lucy
    Melinda - Lucy
    Misty - hepcat
    Nick - SueEllenMishke
    Ruth Marie - Speedbump
    Sally - Mariner and Critical
    Shane -waywyrd
    Terry - (Speedy) Mariner
    Tina - Dinahann
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    Another great seasons of shadows. Fantastic job everyone!

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