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Thread: Survivor: Exile Island Season Finale 5/14 Recap…Yoga Boy vs. Fake Boobs Girl

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    Survivor: Exile Island Season Finale 5/14 Recap…Yoga Boy vs. Fake Boobs Girl

    Hello everyone…It’s time for the Survivor Season Finale. I don’t know about you but I feel like this season has just flown by. It seems like just yesterday Tina was ousted, Dan was sent back to space and Shane was hauled off to the funny farm. Actually, until they aired the 10-minute recap of the season I had completely forgotten about Tina and Dan. Last week we were left with a huge cliffhanger of who would be going home, Cirie or Danielle. I was on the edge of my seat and eagerly awaiting for tonight…not really but I needed to build some excitement and that was my half-hearted effort. So get your fire roaring and let’s see who is going straight to the bank with a million bucks.

    Burn baby, burn!
    Just to refresh your memory a little last week at tribal council Cirie and Danielle were each given two votes to be sent home and went into a fire-building tiebreaker challenge. Each person is given a fire-bowl filled with all the fire-building supplies they would ever need. The first person to get a fire going and have it burn through their rope and raise the flag wins and sticks around for another three days.

    The ladies start to work on their fires and Cirie is the first to get a flame in hers. Danielle gets a nice flame going on her little fire and blows on it to give it a little oxygen and blows the fire out. As they are working on their fires I am a little shocked at how long it is taking them to get one going. It seems like the first thing you do after you get accepted to be on the show is learn how to build a fire and a shelter. It seems like common sense and for some reason no one on this show ever does. Anyways, back to the challenge at hand. Danielle gets her flame back and needs to build it up, she puts up a nice stick teepee to create a big fire. Cirie is struggling with her fire going out but finally is able to get a large flame in hers. Danielle’s has really caught on and is burning through the rope. Her flag pops up and she is here to stay.

    Cirie becomes the 6th member of the jury and gives good-bye hugs to everyone. I am really going to miss Cirie, she was a very likeable character this season even if she was continually giving inappropriate cleavage shots.

    Building more Fires
    After Tribal Council everyone gets back to camp and it’s dark out. Once again I am hiding behind the pillows on the couch because of how creeped out I am by the glowing eyes. Danielle is working on the fire because she is now a pro after winning the challenge. Terry comes over and helps her with it a little bit but he obviously did not watch the tiebreaker challenge because she did it on her own. Terry tells Danielle he is very happy that she won because now they are going to the final two together.

    Who has a bigger…fish?
    The next morning at camp Terry gets out the hidden immunity idol and shows it off to Danielle and Aras. Terry thinks the hidden idol is worth nothing now. I think Terry is mistaken, if he put that thing on eBay he would make lots of money off of it. I am going to email that idea to Terry and demand a 15% cut for the idea. Terry starts waiving it around Aras’ face in a very immature taunting fashion.

    Terry and Aras are big rivals in this game, they both compete very hard and make a competition out of everything. Aras goes fishing and comes back with bigger fish than Terry. Terry is just seething over this and trying to figure out a way to beat him. If these two guys go into the hut and drop their pants I am going to end the recap right here. Danielle feels caught in the middle of their little game and does not like it.

    You are one Heck of a Competitor
    Terry, Aras and Danielle all arrive on the beach expecting the Immunity Challenge and Jeff surprises them by telling them they will be competing in a Reward Challenge today. Sitting in front of them is a 4-story climbing wall. They will need to get pegs to climb the wall to the top. They first have a hand maze they need to navigate to get their first two pegs and then a puzzle to receive their next two pegs. Once they have 4 pegs they can start climbing the wall. The person to the top of the wall first and puts their 4 pegs into the proper slots and raises their flag wins reward. The winner gets a power meal of chicken breasts, veggies and fruit. They also get a cot, pillow and blanket to sleep with.

    The challenge starts and Aras quickly jumps into the lead. He gets through the maze and receives his first pegs. Terry and Danielle quickly follow behind. Aras is working on the spinning wheel puzzle and also quickly solves that, with Terry right behind him. Danielle struggles with the puzzle and is left behind. Aras starts climbing the wall taking a lead over Terry. Terry starts up the wall and is trying to make up some ground. Aras is almost to the top and slips on the wall and starts to fall. As he falls his shirt catches on one of the pegs and stops him from falling to the bottom. Terry is able to catch up and they both make it to the top at the same time. Terry gets his flag raised first and wins the reward. Aras wants to pummel him but walks off and back to camp. Terry sits at the table and starts to chow down. Danielle is once again useless in a challenge.

    Useless Time Filler
    Back at camp Aras and Danielle are talking while Aras cleans some fish. Aras is talking about how much fish they have eaten today, more than any other day out there. Aras then tells Danielle that one of them has to win the Immunity Challenge tomorrow.

    Terry gets dropped off back at camp and Aras asks him how it was. Terry tells him that he did not get that much only 2 chicken breasts, a huge vat of veggies, a large bowl of fruit, a power drink, a whole side of beef, 15 glasses of fresh water, etc. It just was not that much he keeps saying. I could never have eaten all that food. I guess it would be different if I had not eaten for a week. Terry then goes over to the shelter and sets up his cot as Aras and Danielle just sit and drool at it.

    Aras thinks Terry is going to be under pressure to win now, and this does not affect Aras. He is not going to be brought under by the mind game this is becoming. I think he has being brought under with all the gibberish that has been coming out of his mouth lately.

    Remember the Others (this sounds like something out of Lost)
    The next morning Terry goes over and gets the groups tree mail. The message tells them they need to collect everyone’s torches and take them to Exile Island. Once they get to the island they need to put them all on the skull and start it on fire. As it burns they need to remember all the other contestants from this season. They run through a quick montage of everyone and I use the fast forward button like no ones business.

    Making a Last (floating) Stand

    This is the last immunity challenge of the season and the winner gets to choose whom they are going to take to the final two. They are all standing on a large floating raft in the ocean. They are going to need to balance on a series of floating platforms for this challenge. There are four platforms from large to small. They will need to stay on for 15 minutes and then step onto the next smaller platform. The last platform they will stand on until someone falls. No hands or bottoms can touch the platform and if anyone falls off they are out.

    Everyone climbs on the first platform and seem to be doing good with balancing. After 15 minutes they all make it onto their second platform. They seem to be concentrating really hard and I pray that a wayward seagull buzzes someone’s head. They make it to the third platform but Aras and Terry are having a hard time getting on the platform. They finally get on but Terry falls right away. Aras is also rocking quite a bit but Danielle gives him some weird nod and he jumps off his platform. Danielle wins immunity.

    I’m Indecisive because I’m a Gemini
    Danielle has a huge decision to make. She told Terry on Exile Island that they would go to final two together but she also gave Aras the s’up head nod during the immunity challenge. She states that she wants to choose the person that she can beat. Really? That’s who you want to take?

    Terry and Danielle go off to collect water and Terry asks her if they still have the Exile Island pact. Danielle tells him that if he had given her his immunity idol then she 100% would be taking him to final two but now she is unsure. Terry tells her that she has a better chance of beating him compared to Aras. Danielle is confused and does not know what to do. She goes onto some talk about being a Gemini and being indecisive. I am a Libra and we are a peaceful group but I want to smack some sense into Danielle. Does that make me bad?

    Aras is paranoid while Danielle and Terry are off because he knows they are talking about him. I also want to smack Aras. Aras pulls Danielle aside and tells her that if he does not go to final two he is going to be mad that he jumped off the platform. This confuses me, he willingly jumped off, and no verbal commitment was made. He is a fool. Aras then tells Danielle that if she takes Terry she is going to lose Cirie and his vote for the finale. Aras then threatens her with some other things and Danielle does not want to listen to him because he is being an ass manipulative.

    They all get ready to go to tribal council. Terry flosses his teeth because he wants to look nice for the group and show off his pearly whites. Aras puts on a cleaner soiled shirt to impress Shane and the ladies. Terry and Aras give each other a tender embrace and congratulate each other on their game skills. Somewhere Austin is crying that Aras has moved in on his man.

    Another One Bites the Dust
    The jury is lead into the area for Tribal Council. Cirie looks great all cleaned up and it looks like they may have pined Shane down and hosed him off. Jeff asks Danielle how it feels to hold all the power tonight. Danielle thinks it is the biggest decision she will ever have to make in her life. I can think of a few other more important decisions but I will give her the benefit of being young and stupid. Jeff asks more questions and answers are given and I once again use the fast forward button for.

    It’s finally time, Danielle is going to vote. The vote is counted and Terry is out. The final two are going to be Aras and Danielle. I personally don’t think this is a great decision but in all honesty I don’t think Danielle has a shot at winning this thing.

    Big Brother is coming back with All Stars
    This title has nothing to do with the show, I saw a commercial and got excited and distracted for a moment. Back at camp Aras is very happy to be part of the final two. He thought that Tribal Council was very intense but he has played the game and played it with integrity. Danielle chose Aras because he was part of the original Casaya and she needed to stay true to her old tribe.

    Someone Really Bites the Dust
    Their last day at camp and they both go to check on the tree mail. When they get there they notice that a basket of food is waiting for them. They start with mimosas and then make a batch of pancakes to eat. Danielle licks the leftover batter right out of the bowl. This grosses me out because pancake batter is not tasty like cookie dough or cake batter.

    Aras and Danielle decide to go for a walk and head out to the rocks with their mimosas and the leftover champagne. As they are walking Aras slips on the rocks and totally bites it and breaks the champagne bottle and his glass. My first immature reaction is to laugh, and laugh and laugh. After I compose myself I notice that he is all cut up from the fall and is bleeding quite bad. He crawls over to the beach and tells Danielle that he is feeling a little faint. They get him back to camp and Danielle helps to mop up all the blood, it’s too bad she does not come to my house and help me with all the puke from looking at that blood.

    The medics are called in and they arrive at the beech and give Aras some stitches. Aras feels like his ego was really crushed after that fall. I wonder if he was storing it in the champagne bottle? Aras comments that he came into the game as a buffoon and is going out as a buffoon.

    After the medics leave they sit around and talk a little. They start to reflect on everyone and everything in the game. I feel like they are slowly pulling a band-aid off my knee, this is just torture to me.

    Final Tribal Council
    We have finally made it to the point we have waited two hours to get to, the final tribal council. The jury comes in and Jeff asks Aras what happened to him. Aras tells the story of falling on the rocks and I laugh again.

    Jeff then tells Aras and Danielle each will have a minute to make an opening statement to the jury. Aras goes first and thanks everyone on the jury. He tells them it has been an amazing experience and he hopes when they vote they look at how hard he has played the game. Danielle goes next and also thanks them for being an unbelievable jury. She tells them she came in and wanted to be herself and she recognizes that they have a difficult decision ahead of them.

    I can’t wait for Shane’s Question
    It is now time for the part we all wait for in this show, the jury members to act all crazy and ask bizarre questions. Sally is up first and asks them who of the 6 Casaya members most contributed to them sitting there. Danielle answers with Cirie because they made a great connection during the game. Aras also answers with Cirie because they were great friends and had a good strategy going. This proves that Cirie should have made the final two.

    Bruce asks them what they are going to do with their responsibility of winning. Aras tells him that he is going to try and change and make himself into a better person and along that path hopefully inspire others. Danielle tells him that she wants to be a speaker and inspire children with her speeches. She should have gone on an MTV show, that is what all those kids do and she looks like she would fit in with that trashy group.

    Terry is next and tells them how important the competitions were and he wants to know how they rank themselves on competing. Aras gives himself a 9, he thinks he busted his butt on all the challenges. Danielle gives herself an 81/2 to 9. She would have given herself a higher number but she did not compete on the one challenge and ate a cheeseburger instead. I personally would have given her a 5, until the last challenge she never really put much into it.

    Austin asks them to name an incident were they made a good move and one were they made a bad move. Danielle thinks her good move is when she persuaded people to not vote Bruce off and her bad move was when she voted Courtney off. Aras thinks his good move was when he told Melinda she was going home and his bad move was voting Shane off. After he answers I wish I had watched all the recaps, I have no clue who Melinda is.

    Courtney stands up and her hair is extremely distracting. She gives some crazy speech and then asks them what they have learned about themselves. Aras thinks his ego has been completely smashed on the island and Courtney agrees. Danielle has learned how mentally strong she can be.

    Cirie wants to know why she should vote for the person sitting next to them. Danielle goes first and says that Aras is unbelievable, honorable, respectful and a strong-minded person. Aras is next and tells of how Danielle helped him when he hurt himself. She was there to help save his ass, it was special, and she is a spectacular person.

    Shane is up last and this is what I have been waiting the last two hours for. He tells them they are both undeserving of the million dollars. He thinks that Danielle was useless, she never helped out, and she never outwitted anyone. He is sick of her contradicting herself. He is mad at Aras because they had an agreement and he lied, cheated and wrecked him personally. He wants Aras to be judged on his actions, Aras is broke, homeless, and he freeloads off his father. Shane does not know who to vote for so he wants them to pick a number between one and one million. Aras chooses the number 4 and Danielle picks 10.

    Wrapping it all up
    All the questions have been asked and it was a decent jury question session. I was hoping for more crying, arguing, and angry speeches but this was okay I guess. They should have taken a clue from Top Chef and got them all drunk before Tribal Council to make it really exciting.

    Jeff tells them they will each have a chance to make their closing remarks. Danielle tells them she wanted to come into this game and be strong and herself. She thinks she has played with honesty and integrity, and she does feel like she has grown during the game. She also wants them to know that this win could really help her financially. Thanks Danielle for pointing out the obvious!

    Aras tells them he has played the game the best way he knows how. He worked hard at camp and during the challenges. He established relationships with everyone. He also wants to apologize to Shane and hope that he can look at the game and recognize that he played the game well.

    And the Winner is…
    ARAS. I am really shocked with this, all the early spoilers had Danielle winning which made me a little disappointed. I am really happy that of these two Aras has pulled out the win.

    Make sure to tune in next season when the Survivors will be cast on some tropical island, be hungry, not know how to build fires, vote each other out, and maybe turn to cannibalism.

    I am going outside to build a fire and maybe roast marshmallows. If you like s’mores send me an email at Yardgnome77@fansofrealitytv.co m.

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    Hysterical! I love the 's'up nod' statement and I also laughed my butt off when Aras fell, I think I even stopped it on my DVR, rewound and screamed for my husband to hurry up in the bathroom because he cannot miss this, it was the funniest thing I've ever seen on Survivor. (probably not as funny if he had had more than the 6 stiches)

    Great recap!
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    Yoga Boy vs. Fake Boobs Girl

    I'm still kicking myself for missing this. Thanks for the re-cap.

    Wow, Shane was that nasty? And these people are smart enough to outwit each other but not smart enough to know that inebriation and walking don't mix?

    One thing I was wondering: What's the difference between "Not trying" and "Not good enough?"

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    Terry and Aras give each other a tender embrace and congratulate each other on their game skills. Somewhere Austin is crying that Aras has moved in on his man.
    Poor Austin!

    Excellent as always, Yardgnome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yardgnome View Post
    If these two guys go into the hut and drop their pants I am going to end the recap right here.

    She states that she wants to choose the person that she can beat. Really? That’s who you want to take?

    Terry and Aras give each other a tender embrace and congratulate each other on their game skills. Somewhere Austin is crying that Aras has moved in on his man.
    Love that last part about Austin!! I like the title too! Great recap!
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    Terrific way to close out a seson of great recaps, Yardgnome.

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    Great reacap! I can't believe Aras won!

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    Aww man, I missed this one too. I only realized this after guys in my English class were talking about it..... **First Post xD;;**

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    What's with courtney's counter speech?
    All Hail Omarosa

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    Aras all the way!

    I love Aras and i am so glad he won!!! Not only is he strong he is also not bad to look at!He is soo hot!I'm just glad Terry didn't win i hated him!

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