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Thread: If There was a second installement of All-Stars...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeDingo View Post

    Terry - Panama (I'd like to see him go up against Tom)
    Shane - Panama (Watching his insanity was awesomely entertaining)
    Bob Dawg - Panama (I'd like to see him smash some fools)
    Brian - Guatemala (I think he was a great player, but got nixed because of numbers)
    Judd - Guatemala (Drama. Big, Hairy, Stinky Drama)
    Coby - Palau (I'd like to watch him beat Tom, too)
    Tom - Palau ( Terry vs. Tom )
    Ian - Palau (Because I couldn't think of anybody else to put down)
    Chad - Vanuatu (HE HAS ONE LEG.)


    Misty - Panama (I think she was nixed too early. And she is like.. a Goddess)
    Sally - Panama (Because she is Survivor Sal)
    Cirie - Panama (Because she is Cirie)
    Amy - Guatemala (She was a tough cookie)
    Jolanda - Palau (Nixed way too early!)
    Wanda - Palau (Because she never really got to play the game. So sad.)
    Julie - Vanuatu (I think her whole 'Act-Like-Your-Sister' strategy was good)
    Ami - Vanuatu (She was awesome)
    Leann - Vanuatu (Leann had me laughing all the time.)

    And there you have it. Not a whole bunch of power players, but I think it is a nice mix.
    I'd also agree with the majority of the people on this list, but I think I'd like to see the lunatic Jamie from Guatemala again.

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    Cirie [Panama]
    Tina [Panama]
    Amy [Guatemala]
    Stephenie [Palau]
    Jolanda [Palau]
    Twila [Vanuatu]
    Mia [Vanuatu]
    Lisa [Vanuatu]
    Sandra [Pearl Islands]


    Shane [Panama]
    Bobby [Panama]
    Terry [Panama]
    Judd [Guatemala]
    Rafe [Guatemala]
    Tom [Palau]
    Rory [Vanuatu]
    John [Vanutu]
    Jonny Fairplay [Pearl Islands]

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    im surprised not many want twila back. she was the highlight of her season. who could forget her swearing on her son's life? and the backdooring of leanne which was brilliant. she knew she was fourth place and had to turn the game around.

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