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Thread: 5/14 Show Discussion "Finale" **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madeira View Post
    What a tool! I wish I'd never found out he was MacDonald Carey's grandson. It kinda taints the way I used to feel when I remembered him saying "This is MacDonald Carey, and these are the Days of Our Lives"
    Ah geez! Why did you have to tell me that? I LOVED Dr. Tom Horton (God rest his soul). Who could imagine that the classey Mr. Carey would have such a lazy and unfocused grandson. I think he'd roll over in his grave.

    This is the first I've heard of Aras' family ties, and it still doesn't change my opinion of him. I'll still take him over Danielle, but that's not saying much.

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    I think it's fitting that MacDonald Carey, the grandfather we all wish we had, would have a grandson who is a little spoiled, but also kinda cool, hip, and a little eccentric. What a great combination. I love Aras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourefired View Post
    Or Rob and Amber??????
    They worked their butts off to be in the final 2. Some have been good at chalenges, other at social dynamics, other just got their by playing UTR. Rob and Amber did all three. They were the total package. Heck, they even survived a horrible random event (Amber changing tribes). All that and they fell in love. You may not like them but you have to give them respect for what they did.

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