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Thread: Who will be the final two? **spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64 View Post
    It is higher but the flame looks like it's a couple inches infront of the string, not directly under it. Could be she didn't set up her fire in the best position, more off center
    Aklso if you look at this picture there seems to be more wood and tinder unburned in danielles pot? Is it possible that Danielles fire will be hotter because she will have more wood than tinder? We will find out tonight.

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    I predict an Aras/Danielle final two, with Terry getting the F3 boot. As to who will win out of those two? Hard to say, but I'm going to say Aras. We'll see tonight!

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    After second guessing myself i'm going back to my first instinct about Shane's interview answers being bull. I've felt he put on an act for most of the season and this is just more of it-perhaps to counter balance votes we know certain people will and won't be getting. What he thinks (and what he says others think) about Terry and Danielle doesn't jibe at all with anything we've seen all season. I think he will vote Aras

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