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Thread: 4/6 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post
    Terry should give it to Sally.
    I was thinking that too. She was so close.

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    Sally was kicking some ass there! Terry wins yet again, and Austin was the only one clapping for him.
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    Hi everyone! Couldn't get in before .

    I can't believe Terry told Sally about the idol. What an idiot. It had no strategic value, it was just bragging. Now she can use the information against him. If she told anyone on the other team, they could target Terry on purpose, force him to use the idol but already have a backup plan and vote Austin out anyway.

    *I meant next time . I'm assuming Sally will go tonight for some reason.
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    This was perfect for Terry to win, he can give up his immunity at the last second. Terry is gonna tell the other tribe he found immunity, and tells them not to vote for either one of his teammates. Perfect.

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    I'd love to see Terry give the idol to Sally, it would make things more exciting for the viewer. But he's not going to give it up and I don't blame him, even though it makes it dull for us

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    Well, it looks like my pick to win (Sally) might be out tonight. She did good in the challenge, though.
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    I'm impressed by Sally also. I don't know that Terry necessarily has to give it to her. This is Survivor. You shouldn't expect to be handed stuff. It's better for Terry to keep both immunities for himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64 View Post
    Never thought i'd be so happy to be in bed with 2 strange men very funny confessional from Sally

    I loved this confession. She's a hoot! How about the "I about pooped my pants" Love her.
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    This is a pretty good (if risky) plan. Danielle seems ready to jump.

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    Terry's now telling Austin he has the idol. They try to come up with a scheme to give the idol away to increase their numbers. Bad idea Terry.

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