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Thread: 4/6 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    I wonder if Danielle got the immunity idol and still voted Austin out? That would be interesting to see if she did. I mean why not.
    I doubt Terry would give it to her before they voted. There was no reason too. Tell her if you accept our deal and vote Aras, i'll give it after the TC. That way I know I can trust you. If you vote Austin, you didn't want the deal and I keep the idol. I think it was known by the 5 of them it wasn't going to happen. Bruce's vote hinged on Danielle's vote. If she wasn't going to jump ship, neither was he. He didn't vote Aras so he must have known she wasn't going to either.

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    I can't believe these guys are still keeping to their 6 person alliance. Don't some of these guys realize they are on the outskirts? Like Bruce?

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    I like Bruce, and I'd like to see him win, but I agree that he is on the fringes of the alliance right now. Like I said before, I don't like Courtney. I think that they'd be smart to vote her off next. Maybe that would kind of shake up the remaining La Mina members. As for an all-girls alliance, those things don't work too well. Women have a tendancy to bicker. (And gals, if you get mad at this, I'm a woman, so I can say this.) I think that the final two could well be Aras and Terry, Aras because of his position in the tribe and Terry if he uses the hidden idol properly. Lkie I said before, it's really getting interesting now. Can't wait to see the end.

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    Well, I thought it was pretty gutsy of Terry to make the move to get Bruce & Danielle over to his side. If it had worked, it would have been GREAT.

    Plus, I'm liking Terry more all the time. I'm one of the two people who didn't worship Tom - I thought he was a nice guy & great at challenges, but I actually like Terry better.
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    Silly Terry

    Am I the only one who thinks Terry has really missed his chance to turn things around? During last week's episode, why didn't he assign the Immunity Necklace to Nick? I think it could have confused the remaining Casaya tribe enough to split their votes between Terry and Austin. (Some people would have thought, "Hmm, now Terry's a target," while others would have assumed he had the Immunity Idol and voted for Austin.) If they had split their votes, Shane would have been out. If they had all voted for Terry, he could have used the idol and Shane would be out anyway. I suppose they could have all switched to Austin, but I find it highly unlikely they all would have thought that quickly.

    This week was similar. Once again, he had both the necklace and the idol. Couldn't he have assigned the necklace to Austin and kept the idol? Or passed the idol to Austin and kept the necklace? Either way, Aras would have bit the bullet.

    Instead, Terry has one ally left. Sure, the idol can save him once. Does he really think he's going to win the necklace the other five times? Sheesh man. You're failing to see the possibilities of the after the fact idol, or more importantly, of having two assignable immunities! Oh well. Nothing he can do now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snickers View Post
    terry also should have offered final 2 to bruce not just danielle

    bruce trusts him, he would take the bait easy!

    terry is not playing this game right, i'm guessing he's using the "i will not lie" strategy, which is fine, but like someone said, he is throwing his friends into the fire....they might not vote for him if he makes final 2

    i think sally expected him to give the idol to one of the la mina's!

    i know you gotta look out for youself in the game, which is why i understand if he keeps quiet about the idol, but to give your friends false hope.....better just to keep your mouth shut imo

    i also wonder what brought about the change from sally to austin in tonight's vote??? aras seemed hell bent on getting rid of her, danielle probably told them terry has the idol
    i was thinking the same thing.. i cant believe aras changed his mind..toob ad they didnt show why..

    if i was cerie,courtney or danielle i'd want sally out.. cuz obviously she's good.. and i'd see her as competition so i was lost when courtney was so against voting for her

    i think terry's only holding on to the idol for when it gets down to the final 4-5... making it easier for him to get kicked out..or when he doesnt win the ic.. if he used it tonite and lost the ic next week then he'd be the next to go.. so he's smart on holding on to it.. but telling everybody he has it can go both ways.. for one they wont vote for him meaning members of the old casaya will start dropping but also they can agree to split the votes to bruce/danielle adn terry..so when he does use it bruce goes for example and terry goes the week after.. akh it's a toughy.. but next week there's a twist that has to do w/ the immunity.. cant wait to see what that is

    i think sally wont trust terry as much now since he never turned over the idol.. bruce and danielle r freakin idiots for not switching. i hope that comes back to bite them in the asss

    IMO the idol had to be given to the survivor BEFORE tc.. cuz jeff doesnt ask after the votes are in unless that person had gone to exile island..
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    Sigh... I am actually quite tired of watching the Casaya 6 slowly picking off the La Minas. -_-\\\ Was so hoping that Danielle and Bruce would vote for Aras. It's good for both the La Minas and them both. And I just hate to see the La Minas go, coz I love to see them performing so well on challenges.

    However, I totally understood why Terry is keeping the idol for himself. The less people they have, the more secure Casaya 6 is, the more he needs the idol. Even though he is 'superhuman', in Austin's words, you will never know when a challenge gets intellectual and he loses.
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    Actually Terry is proving how stupid he is. If he, Austin, and Sally had approached a couple of Casaya and said "WE have the idol" then Casaya would have been left wondering just who, other than Terry, may be safe at TC. If they knew that one of the three had it and Terry had the III, then maybe LaMina could have convinced a couple of Casaya the chances were better with them. Or at least made the Casaya people scramble to figure out which of the three they were safe to vote for and who would be the second choice, just in case. But the 3 LaMina votes would have trumped the Casaya second place votes and we could have had a shake-up.

    Terry can't win the way he has played. He can only last a little longer than his LaMina tribemates.

    Stupid, Terry, just stupid.

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    If Terry keeps the idol, and there is a secret girls alliance, then does Bruce go next? Or do the girls get rid of Aras or Shane? (Potentially better in challanges) That would tip the hand of the girls. Then what do the remaining 3 guys do to get to the final?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SopranosFreak View Post
    bruce and danielle r freakin idiots for not switching. i hope that comes back to bite them in the asss
    Not really. The Casaya six does not have a strong alliance in the group, so there really is no way of predicting where any of them will end up. If Bruce or Danielle switched to the LaMina side, then, at best, they would get 4th, because Austin, Sally, and Terry would have stuck together and pretty much made that clear last week when they were offering 5th or 6th place if Bruce or Cirie would flip. So, I'd say Bruce and Danielle both made the right move and Terry is proving how dumb he really is at outwitting others.

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