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Thread: 4/6 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by winshipberry View Post
    Yeah then he only needed to reveal the EI idol to her. Not his best move. Also exposed Sally as the strong athletic competitor among the women. Nice move Terry
    He'd already told her about the idol
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    i'm really not understading terry's logic right now, if he kept quiet about the idol and planned to use it, that's makes sense, but letting the cat out of the bag??

    i mean, i see why he's using it as bait, but he could have used it tonight and got aras off!!!

    also, he is promsing crap deals, danielle still would have ended up 5th if she switched!

    i guess he feels he cant lie to someone since "intergrity" is such a big deal to him, but if that was me, i'd be promising final 2 not final 5

    looks like next week he gets cocky and tells them he will keep on kicking thier asses

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    I can see why he wouldn't give the idol to Austin if Danielle had not agreed to the plan. Without Danielle, Bruce wasn't going either. They'd still be down in numbers and he wouldn't have his safety net anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by user name View Post
    He should have done that last week. And again this week. I can't figure out what the heck Terry's strategy is. He's the biggest target of anyone and is feeding his allies to the sharks one by one.
    I agree 100%. Had he used it last week they would have got rid of Shane. Then Terry could have pulled Bruce over and they would have their final five.

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    correct me if I am wrong - when Terry told Sally that he had the idol - didn't sally state in her confessional that she hoped terry would slip it to Austin?
    Do you think maybe Sally may switch over to casaya after tonite's tc?
    Bottom line-- terry is probably the biggest moron ever to play the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveIsTheMan View Post
    It would be stupid for Terry to give up his idol. The only way it would have worked is if they could get two other people on to their side. They still would have been outnumbered 4 to 3 if Terry gave up the idol. If they didn't switch this week, they sure as heck wouldn't switch next week. Terry would be the first one to go.
    I think the opposite. I think if Aras left, Terry used the idol and got one up for his tribe, some of the Casaya would be willing to bail, if for anything to get 3 La Mina in their good graces. Maybe not but it's a risk I'd take.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64 View Post
    I can see why he wouldn't give the idol to Austin if Danielle had not agreed to the plan. Without Danielle, Bruce wasn't going either. They'd still be down in numbers and he wouldn't have his safety net anymore.
    As much as he was smirking, I'd say he thought she was going with the plan. He's a terrible player as far as strategy goes. Like snickers said, he should have pulled Danielle aside and pretended like he was offering her a private deal to get to the final two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post
    Ok, next week Shane has a medical question that involves the...uh, downtown region. Once again, I am thankful for the little blurring action!
    It's been 2 episodes with hardly any face time for him. Time to do something outrageous and fake again to get the camera on him

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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd View Post
    And now everybody knows he has the idol.
    Which is a great way to keep them from voting him off. Since the idol doesn't have to come out until after the vote, the strategy is different than the immunity necklace. The only way to vote Terry off is to vote against him two weeks in a row. The first time to get the idol away from him, the second time to actually boot him off. That means they also have to keep him from winning the necklace two weeks in a row. No easy feat.

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    Do you know if, in tonight's episode, they ever explained the "stretcher scene" that they used to lure us in to watch last week's episode?

    I got home late and haven't had a chance to read the thread yet, but I'm very curious to know if the "hook" they used to get us to watch last week's show was finally explained tonight, given that they never explained it last week, even though we all tuned in to see that scene unfold.


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