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Thread: 3/15 Show Discussion The 1st 13 Days

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlantNGo View Post
    Bobby is hilarious! "Where does this stick go? In the fire? What about this one? Oh, that goes in the fire too?" How could anyone not get the joke?
    that was the first eveidence that I had that Bobby 'gets it'. He wasn't as big an ass as the rest of the tribe thought, I beleive he was really really tired of being the puppet. He knew where he sat in the pecking order so he played with them while cerrie decided to go under the radar.

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    Yes Shady64, Tina sealed her fate by isolating and not telling her team why she did so. They didn't trust her and rightfully so. Sometimes you just get a vibe and you go with it. I agreePWS, if any one of them chose to go off with Tina in search of food they would have been vulnerable to an alliance against them. Early on it is crucial that you bond with your team and that is as important for survival as food, water and firewood. I don't think anyone wanted to seperate from the group.

    They very well may be looking for food and it is just not shown because it is not all that interesting.

    A friend of mine is an eye doctor and oysters can carry disease that causes blindness. I have not eaten one since I heard this. They all may be lucky to have missed that find.

    Bobby was just plain foolish and obviously not serious about getting very far. Certainly sleeping all day is the kiss of death. He had to know that. Drinking the wine was over the top stupid and asking for the boot AND on top of THAT his bad attitude with the fire. You just have to believe he wanted out.

    The boy and girl soap is just silly. Rinse off the outside before you use it. It only served to divide the team more.

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    Getting treemail, filling the water supply, going to the bathroom, bathing in the water, confessionals. They don't do these things en masse. They may not want to seperate but they will have to at some point, whether they like it or not. There's plenty of opportunities to form alliances and be vulnerable without going off with someone looking for food. I'd start plotting the minute someone stepped away to pee. Sometimes that's all the time you need. For me, I think it's better to cover all your bases and spend time with everyone, one way or another, to increase my chances of staying longer

    I'd feel safer with a tribe of 4 where 2 are exploring and 2 are at camp (equal numbers to avoid a gang up) rather than a tribe of 7 and 2 go off leaving the numbers to decide both our fate.
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    Jeez, I thought I missed an actual show. Whew. I would've taped it if I'd remembered, because I just didn't remember seeing that it would be a recap. Alright. I feel a little better now.

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    Seeing the recraps reminded me of some things I had forgotten though. For one, I again sympathized with Tina's solitary grieving for her recently killed son but didn't understand why she needed to keep it a secret when it contributed to others thinking she was being too isolated.

    Do women just have dirty butts all the time or do they use something else to clean them besides soap? Is that what those poofy things are for and did they bring them to the island?

    Besides immediately losing their one spear gun (therefore causing them to suffer in competitions by being malnourished), Sally has now twice been a major cause of Lamina's close immunity losses with not being able to catch a fish or solve a puzzle but due to dumb luck is still in the tribe thanks to last minute seemingly arbitrary (or calculated?) rule changes.

    I really thought this season the men would learn from past seasons where they all voted each other off in order to eliminate their chief competition and then wondered how they got in the position of being outnumbered by the women who were now in the majority and banded together to toss the remaining men off. It looked like Lamina had learned this lesson but the producers are determined to make them let Sally stay. By the way, how come when the men have the majority to their advantage it's always disparagingly termed "a boy's club" but when the women are gloating at their greater numbers at the end it's always some sisterhood of "girl power?"

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    LOL, because Men still make more than women for doing the same job!!! ;o)
    "How do you know the chosen ones? No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his friend. Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame... for one person. In the dark. Where no one will ever know or see." - Sebastion, Babylon 5

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