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Thread: 3/9 Show Discussion Thread *Time Zone Spoilers Only*

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    so if sally were to find the box and see that it was empty, she would figure out terry has it

    she needs to expose that lol

    as for cassaya.....i think it was pretty obvious from all the "lets get rid of shane talk" that it wasnt gonna happen, and by the end of the show they are back to being all lovey dovey again, i think shane knows courtney/danielle can be easily manipulated and its just buying time.....i truly believe him when he told aras that he couldnt stand them

    and danielle and courtney are stupid enough to fall for it!

    i'm sure the big emergency next week wont be a big deal at all

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    What makes you think Terry left the box behind? If I were him, I'd fill the hole back in without the box and then throw it into the ocean. They didn't show him reburying it and I missed it, did they?

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott View Post
    I hear them talk about how Sally's the weak link. She's not the strongest but I don't consider Dan any stronger than her.
    Sally might not be the strongest physically, but she is probably the best out of anyone in finesse type challenges like balancing.

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    I didn't see Sally digging by the Y tree. But she was digging under the water barrel.

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    That episode was the most anti-climactic I've seen in a long time. I was waiting for a merge at the end, or SOMETHING. The only semi-exciting thing was in the beginning of the episode, I figured Casaya was going to lose immunity and SHANE would go home. Then they combine the reward and immunity challenge, and I think, well this is interesting. There's still a half hour left of the episode, maybe something exciting happen. But it doesn't, we just ee about 20 minutes of Casaya on their stupid reward, and Shane kissing up on all of the women. I would have rather seen 20 minutes of Sally figuringout the clues only to not find the immunity idol which isn't even there.

    Then for 10 minutes towards the end, we know Dan is leaving, and i keep thinking, this is too easy. Something is going to happen. And it doesn't. Dan just leaves. Now we have to wait 3 weeks for a new episode.

    I don't understand how Casaya does so well at these challenges!!! They are so dysfunctional. They argue 24/7, but then they work well together in the challenges and don't yell at each other at all. They are the most bipolar tribe. It sucks because La Mina is so likeable. I like every single person on La Mina. The only one left I like at Casaya is Cirie, and i'm pretty sure she is safe for a few weeks. They need to get rid of Shane first, but in order for that they need to lose a challenge. I'm not saying they should throw a challenge, but they should just be their stupid dysfunctional selves and do bad at one, and La Mina should be their smart great-working-together selves and win one.

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    OK - I'll forgive the interruption of college BBall cause my hometown SIU Salukis have won their conference. Go Dogs!

    As to the insanity of this Survivor.

    "I'm making a Joe Torre decision." "I made a decision for the team." Terry's power over the others has bothered me from the start, they were a mess when he was on Exile Island.

    The other team is certainly more interesting to watch - but Shane makes me very uncomfortable. He seems very aggressive. Will he go before the merge? Will the merge be next?

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    I agree with many of you - Cirie is my favorite right now. I couldn't stand her after the first show with all the "I'm afraid of leaves" talk. But she's grown on me. I love how she sits back and watches the dysfunction. And she's quite good at the challenges.

    Just goes to show you, first impression (edits) don't always tell the tale.

    Shane, will you just go away! You are a waste of good oxygen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winshipberry View Post
    Terry's power over the others has bothered me from the start, they were a mess when he was on Exile Island.
    Leadership is a quality. Terry has an abundance. Don't be uncomfortable with him just because he is good at being in charge. the people to be bothered by are the ones who manipulate andconnive their way to decision making power, not the ones that genuinely lead those who need someone to follow. Terry is the reason that La Mina functions so well as a group). Too bad he can't leverage that into success at the challenges...

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    I like the Casaya tribe the best. I do like Austin and Sally, but the rest of La Mina have been duds.

    Aras is definitely my favorite now. I'm just hoping that he, Nick, and Austin hook up after the merge and begin taking the others out. Terry is a jerk and I hope they try to vote him off soon, so he has to use the Idol and then he can't be saved later on. If Courtney survives much longer, I'm going to smash my TV just to get her ugly face gone!!!

    Cirie is funny, so maybe the young guys will be smart and take her along with them.

    I'm just hoping no alliance is too strong at this point and everything remains unpredictable.

    3 weeks is a long time. I'm going to lose interest by then....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetNuf View Post
    I didn't see Sally digging by the Y tree. But she was digging under the water barrel.
    You're right, I just rewatched this part. Sally was shown looking at a Y-shaped tree but it looks different than Terry's tree. Then the camera cut to her digging around the tree where Jeff gave the first clue with the water barrel beside it.

    In any case, there's only one idol and it's with Terry.

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