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Thread: 3/9 Show Discussion Thread *Time Zone Spoilers Only*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    To do that, they'd have to understand that's she's even at risk. Or that there are gender alliance lines on the other tribe as well. How would they know?


    They must somehow know. I wonder who told them?
    Not really, they just need to know she's the only woman left. I think they noticed last week what was happening on La Mina.
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    They chose well, now the boys can cannibalize each other.
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    ewwww Shane slobbered his foul breath on Cirie's face...

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    If Danielle and Courtney pushed for Sally that would have been smart because if they can get her to the merge they have to know she will join back up with them. I suspect that wasn't the strategy however, probably just wanted to make them lose another guy by protecting her.

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    Damn, La Mina sucks. On paper they should be the best tribe, but they just can't get it together.

    Ew. Shane smooching all over Cirie. I'd smack him one.
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    I am figured Sally because she was the last female left and the males on Casaya don't want physical threats when they merge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots View Post
    Damn. It's going to be 6-4 on the tribes. I was hoping they'd even them up to 5-5.

    Sally goes to Exile Island. I'm pissed.
    I'm not. She's the only one on La Mina that I like I'd feel a lot happier if I knew Terry didn't have the idol. But I could care less about any of the La Mina men going so I won't be sad to see any of them part.

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    Dan's Ph.D certainly came in handy that challenge. Can't believe what a couple of dumbells he and Sally were, trying to solve it. They should have been looking at it the whole time pieces were being collected so they had an idea of what needed to go where. Same stupid mistakes they did with the water puzzle challenge they lost a few weeks ago.

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    Sally would have been gone in tribal council if they hadn't sent her.

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