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Thread: 3/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I just read the about the early show interview on the cbs site and listen to part 1 of Bob Dawg interview with Jenna Morasca and Bob(?) Dalton and he comes across as an even more arrogant ass here then on the show. He claims that he was planning to throw the challenge that Melinda was voted out so they could get Bruce on their team. He considers himself such a player, but Richard Hatch must be laughing his ass off at him. Of course you will not like everyone, or bond with everyone, you lie, that's the game. The man is just a total ass and I'm insulting all those hardworking animals by comparing him to them.

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    Casaya: Shane seems to have saved his son's life once more by throwing his vote away on Aras thus not breaking alliance promises of the Bruce or the Bobby vote. Talk about disaray. The look of shock on Aras' face when his name was called will maybe be enough to throw him more firmly into the game. It should get even more intense in the triangle of Courtney-Bruce-Aras next week. Plus I think Cirie may finally come out of the shadows and pull an alliance together to dump Shane. Maybe...it's gotta be done.

    What has happened to La Mina? Without Terry they are like spineless fish. Which, speaking of fish, they need to catch. I know they chose beans for the protein but it is bulkier in the digestive system than rice and I'm surprised they all didn't have tummy problems. They are dehydrated and that added to the damage. Terry has become the mother who worries about them. Come on kids, it's time to grow up and leave home.

    Cirie - YAY! Go Cirie!

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