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Thread: 3/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    G'night Pom! Congrats on the cat adoption!

    So Cirie, Danielle & Courtney voted for Bobby.
    Aras & Bobby voted for Bruce.
    Bruce voted for Courtney.
    Shane voted for Aras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sukee View Post
    And how do the Pom's feel about that?
    Check out my profile pic. I'll post more about it in the Animal thread some time soon.

    Okay, okay -- now I'm really going. See you guys next week, when InShane gets the Qboot (I hope).

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    Quote Originally Posted by maersk View Post
    i still think bruce is the most tolerable person in this tribe....with the possible exception of ceire
    Finding "good" on this tribe is like trying to pick out the best person in a lineup of serial killers.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Bannana View Post
    Oh sure...NEXT week the women want InShane out.
    Day late...dollah short.
    They must not have a brain between the three of them. They thought Aras was setting himself up in too sweet of a position, so to hurt him they voted out Bobby. And next week Shane. If they want to hurt Aras, why not vote his ass out?

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    I like Bruce less now-- he is so condescending.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots View Post
    If they want to hurt Aras, why not vote his ass out?
    That would take some common sense, something these airheads are lacking.

    I agree about Bruce, I like him less after this week.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Looks like La Mina is snacking on teeny tiny minnows next week. We''l have to rename them La Minnow.

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    I still like Bruce the most on this tribe and Cirie right behind him. Aras acting like a pretentious a$$ again. Stop acting like your better than everyone else Aras. Truth is, your just as bad. As worthless as she is, Danielle had a bit of a point. Aras has shown no respect for anyone in the entire group. Whether he has it or not, fake it. Eventually these people could be the ones deciding who wins the money. Being condescending and bitchy won't get him votes if he ever finds himself in the F2.

    Shane with his "over the top acting to guarantee 15 minutes of fame when this is over" is 3rd most annoying asshat of this 4 person alliance. Courtney and Aras get the top spots. Did they troll Springer show rejects for this season? Never so many dumb, annoying and classless people in 1 season before.

    Episode 5 and I'm losing interest fast.

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    Aras attacking Bruce was an unpleasant surprise, but actually wanting to go to EI showed how stupid he is. Shane swearing on his son makes me sick. He should swear on a pack of Camels instead. The vote tonight should have opened some eyes about who's in control here. Danielle and Bruce are the only tolerable ones on this tribe.

    I wonder why the beans affected Austin and Nick badly, but not Sally and Dan. I guess they should have picked the rice. They lost the RC because Dan and Sally had an ornery fish that kept trying to escape.

    Bobby was an ass and I'm glad he's gone. The wine was a stupid mistake from a game standpoint, but his attitude and general personality are why he got the QBoot. He came right out and told Bruce that he was going to betray the others at merge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    Finding "good" on this tribe is like trying to pick out the best person in a lineup of serial killers.
    Sooo true.

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