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Thread: Most hated survivor.

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    Bushbasher JFlo's Avatar
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    The soap opera in my head.
    There were many who I have hated, the majority of them did provide enormous entertainment even if I was sticking needles in voodoo dolls praying that they would be ousted (Heidi, Judd)

    But the one survivor who I could not stand more than anyone, who provided no entertainment whatsoever, and was just a pathetic soul who had no business getting as far as she did was Lil. Ugh...
    Stay Gold, JFlo

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    Read The Clue Bearcata's Avatar
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    Ghandia, the one who claimed she got rubbed on by the guy she was sleeping next too and then walked around naked. I wonder if that rub episode was were Sue Hawk got her brain fart to accuse Richard Hatch of the same thing.

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    Snoozin' on the beach
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    Richard Hatch stands head and shoulders above JFP

    To my knowledge, JFP has never been charged with and/or convicted of a crime. Does anyone know of anything? Hatch has been charge with Child abuse, he was charged with assault for beating up his ex boyfriend and he has been found guilty of fraud and tax evasion. That kind of stuff trumps everything else.

    Hatch has proved he is the biggest piece of sh*t of all, both in and out of the game

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    Lets see...
    Courtney, Shane, JFP, Hatch, Judd, Lill... You know, that's a collection of players I either really like, or at least entertained by. Players that you will remember for many years. Players that Made the Show.

    The only players I don't like are the Duds. People who dont do anything of worth, and Melinda was one of those. The generic chicks whose names I forget that got the boot early in Guatamala are also on that list.

    And well, Lill, give her due. She managed to negotiate and outwit players on one of the trickiest seasons ever. She deserves alot more credit than she gets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    Osten from Pearl Islands, cause he quit.

    Most disgusting and vile human being: Jonny Fairplay. After watching the making of the movie thing he was in and watching him pee and dump in peoples beds.
    I agree. I already disliked the guy after survivor, but that making the movie show was so hard to watch because he was so vile. He really has some real serious emotional and mental problems. I never much cared for the creepy, smooth talking car salesman Brian, who of course was the last one standing.

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    FORT Fogey Ellen's Avatar
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    This season: Nicotine Boy (Shane)

    Past seasons - male: tie between Johnny Fairplay and Boston Rob
    Past seasons - female: Lindsay (the whiney blonde, one of the Necklace Kidz in Africa)
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    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Robb from Thailand.

    He was the so called skater boy who cheated at challenges and then on his last day he is all nice to everybody.

    For Shame Robb, For Shame.

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    Male: Tie between Osten (Pearl Islands) and Richard Hatch.

    I wouldn't have mentioned Richard Hatch a few months ago,but his idiocy in handling his tax situation is alarming and repulsive.

    I hate Osten because he was the first to quit and he seemed to have started this horrible trend of people deciding they want to leave the game.

    Female: So many choices....but I am going with Jerri (Australian Outback) and Jenna M. (Amazon)....Jerri still doesn't think she's annoying and Jenna M. thinks she's legit.

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    Actually, there have been lots of people that I have hated throughout the years but Johnny Fairplay and Jerri Manthey were dirtbags.
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    Johnny Fairplay, without a doubt. And I'd probably go with Jerry for my female pick.

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