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Thread: Most hated survivor.

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    Amen, elk!

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    Season 1- Rich, Sue
    Season 2- Keith
    Season 3- Brandon
    Season 4- Zoe, Sean
    Season 5- didnt watch
    Season 6- Jeanne, Shawna, Alex, Christy
    Season 7- Jonny Fairplay, Lil
    Season 8- Alicia and Jenna
    Season 9- Ami Twila
    Season 10- Gregg Kim Ibrehem
    Season 11- Judd, Steph sort of Cindy
    Season 12- Shane

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    Rupert is the most overrated.

    Bottom of my list is Judd. He is just...ugh.

    I kind of like Fairplay because of the lie. *wink*
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    Season villains
    1. Richard
    2. Jerri
    3. Lex
    4. John
    5. Clay
    6. Rob
    7. Jon
    8. Rob
    9. Ami
    10. Katie
    11. Stephenie
    12. Shane

    I guess I hate Ami the most.

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    I am with you elk. Vee and Neleh are high on my list and Brian, winner from season 5, holds the #1 slot. He set my teeth on edge.
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    Jon. His lie is repulsive to me. Not funny. not humerous and certainly not clever. Having learned he went to the bathroom in someones bed on another reality show (in order to "get back at her"-what a sick little freak)has sealed the deal for me. he is everything that bad about reality tv- so desperate to be teh center of atention he will degarde himself and others in order to get that attention.
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    The women I dislike the most are Jerri and Shii Ann.
    The men I dislike the most are Shane, Robb (Thiland), and Judd.

    Can't distinguish the most disliked, they all seem to fit into that category.

    JFP was not a favorite either, but his "game" plan was something else. Got to give him credit for that.

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    Shane seems to be suffering from some sort of nicotine-depletion-inspired psychosis. While you tend to imagine that he's an arrogant, presumptuous, and fairly unconstrainedly self-involved jerk, his bulging eyes, and wild ramblings make me a little sympathetic. I almost think he'd be a different person if he hadn't gone cold turkey on the cigarettes.

    Nor do I hate Terry--but I seriously dislike him. The whole boys club, alpha male, top gun thing annoys me big time. He looks like he has the whole package--except women don't exist, and his interpersonal skills are rather primitive, to say the least.

    For example, his offering to take Bruce to the "final five"--what kind of offer is that??? It's like saying, I've got my alliance of four, and we need a fifth for us to get the the final four, so do you mind? Where's the payoff for Bruce? If that's his whole pitch, Bruce would have to know he'd get to the final five--but, having served his purpose--be axed. Period. End of Sentence.

    By the way, Steph got a raw deal last season, IMO. So she wasn't Miss Perfect Angel. I thought she was human, and yeah, had moments of weakness and ill-temper--but good grief, that doorman guy was a self-righteous loud-mouth, and pretty mean, hypocritical, and vindictive too. While I was initially put off by Steph, by the end, she earned my respect.


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    Shii Ann, ugh!!!! If there was ever a woman like her on Survivor again.. I'd stop watching. Couldn't.stand.her!!!

    As for the men.. I'm sure there were plenty. But, I'm going to go with Shane at the moment..simply because I can't STAND the way he walks. Drives me insane.
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