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Thread: Most hated survivor.

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    Why do you like Rupert so much becca? Just curious.

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    Becca is Rupert's cousin and a big supporter.
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    Thaks cool, if my cousin was on survivor I would be on top of the world!

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    Hello SentFromHeaven and dagwood. Thanks dagwood. It was pretty cool. Until it got very crazy. Things are better now, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SentFromHeaven View Post
    I think I hate Shane the most because he says he doesn't want to be there then he stays.

    Hope he goes pretty soon.

    So, who is your most hated survivor?
    That's a great question! I don't think there is anyone I really like at all this season, and some are so despicable it is hard to choose, but yeah I agree with you about Shane. Really I am wishing they all go real soon, and hubby stopped watching it altogether.

    If the question is open to all seasons, that's a great question too. I'd have to think about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster View Post
    The econo sized hate candles I lit for Jenna and Heidi from Amazon are still casting a nice glowing reminder. Every wretch I've seen since pales in comparison to them.

    It DID make for good tv, though, on reflection.

    I just took a trip down memory lane in some of the old threads and saw a thread in their season entitled "Which tribe member would you hang, and why?" which had me nodding, recalling the vile bile I generated watching those two until I looked again and saw my eyes had overlooked the "with" in the title thread that had followed hang.
    Lol, good one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    I'd LOVE to see a Survivor "All-Star" type edition featuring nothing BUT the biggest idiots and most villainous types. Call it "Survivor: Volcano Edition" and sacrifice them to the Volcano gods when they get voted off each week.
    That would make good TV!

    Quote Originally Posted by candor View Post
    I'm beginning to think unpleasantness is in direct proportion to the size of one's fake boobs....what's with the Hooters cleavage we have to see every season now? I'm talking specifically about Danielle, I think, who's out in the frickin' rain forest with her top strategically unzipped for maximum display. It just seems silly to me and kind of pathetic.
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    Dang, so many Survivor contestants I despise. I guess I'll have to list them by seasons, and in no particular order of whom I hated most in the season, just order in those who lasted longest and thus annoyed me for longer time:

    Season 1- Richard, Rudy, Sue, Jenna, Joel, Stacey, B.B.

    Season 2- Tina, Colby, Keith, Nick, Alicia, Jeff, Debb.

    Season 3- Kim Johnson, Lex, Kim Powers, Frank, Brandon, Lindsey, Silas.

    Season 4- Robert, John, Rob Mariano (who gets the number one spot of the Survivor contestant I hate the most).

    Season 5- Brian, Clay, Helen, Ken, Robb, Stephanie, Ghandia.

    Season 6- Jenna, Matthew, Rob, Butch, Heidi, Roger, Joanna.

    Season 7- Jon, Burton, Rupert, Ryan Opray, Shawn, Trish.

    All-Stars- Romber (UGH!), Jenna Lewis, Rupert, Alicia, Lex, Colby, Sue, Richard. Special mention to Tom for being such an idiot to trust Mariano after I liked the ol' coot so much.

    Season 9- Chris, Eliza, Ami, Rory, Travis, Mia.

    Season 10- Caryn, Gregg, Bobby Jon, James, Angie, Kim.

    Season 11- Stephenie, Judd, Jamie, Bobby Jon, Blake.

    Current season- Shane, Aras, Terry, Bobby, Bruce, Tina.

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    I have a new hate - Shane! Wait, he was always my most hated!

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    Shane doesn't really bother me like he does other FORTners. Sure he's an obnoxious jerk but it's nothing special. So far, I'm still convinced alot of it is an over the top act to get camera time. He didn't pull any of this crap when he was on the older mans tribe for the first 4 days, they wouldn't have tolerated it. He knows he can get away with it with this group at Casaya.

    He reminds me of an old boss I had. The kind of guy that bullied women, most of the time for no reason. He didn't have the cajones to talk that way to a man, he'd have gotten his clock cleaned if he did and he knew it. Shane has picked Danielle and Courtney as his punching bags. I don't recall him talking anything like that to any man that's been on either tribe he's been in, he doesn't have the b@lls to. I'd bet money Cerie is capable of whipping his butt and he knows it and that's why he doesn't include her in his nonsense tirades.

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    I am starting to hate Aras, don't know why? I just am.

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    Here are my picks:

    Season 2: Alicia, Season 3: Silas, Season 5: Clay, Season 6: Jenna, Heidi, Season 7: Sandra, All-Stars: Alicia, Season 9: Mia, Season 11: Stephenie, Judd, Current season: Can't get interested enough to get a good hate-on yet.

    My #1 picks are Vecepia and Neleah (season 4?).

    I get really annoyed when contestants of reality shows constantly mention how they put their faith in a higher power and then turn around behave despicably.

    I have no problem with the "outplay, outwit" thing (I think it is what makes players like Jonny Fairplay interesting), I just hate when someone disparages another player's behaviour, then justifies their own because they are a "person of faith".
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